#15oreasons of John Loty

Message: The possibility that “Occupy Wall St” could become just  a “bubble” that will burst and leave us nothing of value is the reason for this post.

An “oldie” saying springs to mind: – “If you keep doing what you have always done – You will get what you always got.”
And that well know quote from Einstein about it being impossible to bring about change if your very approach, method or proposed solution is itself a product of the system you are trying to change also comes to mind.

As I see it the nature of the problem is greed and a system that enables and indeed encourages avarice. I think we are all agreed that we are not just talking about ‘reasonable’ or sustainable profit here we are talking about plain thievery and it is the ‘rich’ who are in effect stealing from the ‘poor’.

The solution and I respectfully suggest that someone tell the real protestors (not all the ‘Johnny come late lies’ and ‘personalities’ whose egos are unbridled) that they must think about solutions that are real and possible though perhaps as yet not imaginable to most…. lies in the spirit of community, co-operation, collaboration and very clear and articulated aims. Dare I say it – democracy – where the people not the ‘system’ are in charge. A blend of chaos and order!

When someone shouts “What do we want” their must be some response that resonates with the real people (across the world – not just America) who are enslaved by our ridiculous system. I do not have the solution as such but believe that Confucius (think this came from him or other ancient sources) had its essence when it was said 2500 years ago, “The wise person organizes society, so that like a plant, each part cooperates together for the benefit of the whole”.

Without clear aims (demands if you like …I am talking about ‘meaning and purpose’) this movement – which is evidence of a deep malaise within society -will fall into the hands of the professional and skilled manipulators of the public will– and they will spin a story that will derail this movement.

by John Loty

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