Documentary Project: #15OCT – #15o #oct15 #globalchange

Teasers (English) (Español) #OCT15, a new day.
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On October 15 will manifest more than fifteen countries. Each externalize their own struggles. All conflicts are bound within the global system, so we are affected in a directly and indirectly way. Examples: U.S. financial corruption, Chile cuts to education, Brazil environmental damage, Canada lobbies influence in politics, Spain housing problem, Ecuador media manipulation, etc.. We are facing a global crisis. As responsible for the present fate of a failed system, we must face our problems in a unified way.

The proposal is to create a documentary piece collective, non-profit, lasting about eight minutes, and inquire about the real motive of the uprising at each point in the world. It is an initiative to create networks and core content for future work. The struggle is global: the project aims to include sequences of events at different points of protest.
The aim is to invite to partake in an active way, to the global fight through a singular sequence within a collective short-film. The project acclaims the message through your knowledge, sensitivity and resources. The beauty of the piece is to find the riches of freedom and individuality in terms of their form of recreation. Ex; slow cameras, music, off-screen, etc… I

t will be shown on the following platforms:,

Theaim is to have the widest possible distribution through magazines, pages, blogs, social networks, etc.. The idea is to create a discourse that includes a global message from the local, with no pretensions to go beyond an appeal.

Story This documentary revolves around what happens in Madrid as the venue. A meeting with other countries and their messages. October 15 is a new day. The sun rises in the square that bears his name. Madrid is related to other protests around the world, with spaces, characters and struggles. It projects the universality of his speech: “We are united and awake.” People anxious screams, seeking his position and declares the reason is there. We live euphoric portrait of the facts in a light, cheerful and peaceful.

A speech encouraging hidden through a megaphone. The speaker’s conclusion leaves the rest to capital.
Technical Screenplay (Collective)
1. Found 3 individuals who can represent the voice of the event and portrayed in a middle shot.
2. Record a statement of the three persons portrayed, to respond in short (no more than two sentences) to the following question: What are you doing here?
3. Narrate in a few shots the respondent’s action in the manifestation. (Walking, jumping, screaming, dancing, etc)
4. Detail shot of the slogan or message of the demonstration.
5. Wide-open shots that places the viewer with some reference to the city.
6. Gestures of communication (sign language). Ex: Spain hands crossed in the air,- NY repeating the speaker’s speech, and so on.
7. (Optional) Absolute freedom of resources to awaken the sensibility of the filmmaker.

Work Flow:

This project is very simple in the whole process. You do not need more than one person taking care from pre-production through filming, to
sending files. They try to shoot everything with the 7D or Canon SLR (if is possible). HD formats (1920×1080): we should not forget the sound quality of the statements. If it is necessary to IS slates.

When all specifications are rolled, the material should be sent compressed file format. Zip through platforms like dropbox, rapidshare or in its native format to the following address:
Extra information:
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