Ideas that came out from 48h Virtual Global Assembly

Last weekend (8th and 9th of October) took place our first global virtual assembly, its was increible, people connected from all over the world  (Australia, Mexico, US, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Russia, etc, etc.) to discuss about things that matter us, its clear that we have things in common, that we want to talk about them and find solutions to live in a better world, we know its possible, we want it to become possible and we will make it happen.

Now we propose that we have a permanent Virtual Global Assembly, so this channels will be open permanently.

Here below, you have all the info and ideas that came out that weekend, written in a pad, in a collaborative way. Enjoy it!!!

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15th October. What’s the plan? #15oct

Some short instructions of this document:
Please, read before the ideas from the bottom so you do not put an idea echoed.
Feel free to enhance the existing ideas and leave your thoughts.
The chat on the right is not to discuss about “life”, but to coordinate this document.
Please, do not write spam or harmful things. This is a place from people for people,
trying to bring us all a better tomorrow.

Idea #47

“The ideal existence is a world where people are free to choose their directions while living responsibly. The dominant economic structure of our time, capitalism, has created maximum freedom for some and minimal freedom for others. It is based on the concept of “enlightened self-interest, which is a contradiction on terms, since pure self-interest can never be enlightened. The goal of this system is the accumulation of wealth for no other purpose than to accumulate wealth. This is a silly goal, for there is little correlation between talent, effort or responsible living and reward.” –an excerpt from Ringing True by Robert Morrow

Sounds like this is a fundamental principle for change and should be part of the message.

Idea #46:We need to spread the word through any means necessary. I have sent e-mails around the world to 5 people who according to my research have connections to radia stations.
We must call for the people who are not truly afilliated with the internet to join us, the only people that have heard of this uprising are those who have or use computers a lot. I live in a city in the USA just 30 miles from Philadelphia where a swarm of people are beginning to protest, but where i live, people laugh at me when i tell them whats going on. They think its a joke.
So we need to spread the word, if we must, we need to find a way to send out e-mails to everyone on Yahoo, or AOL, or whatever, this must be done and although i wish i could do it alone, i have too many familly members with power that could easily get me arrested if they found out i was helping.
So This is a must do idea, Spread the word through other means than the internet, or just videos, Call up radia staions, Even if you have to pay for a breif few minute on tv than do i. Billboards, Just more than the internet
Idea #45:


Idea #44:
They will hear and fear us (FEAR should not be a goal)

We don’t have money, but what we have are
voices and votes,
if we energize our base
to let their voices be heard,
governments will hear and fear us!

if you don’t go and do everything you can to protest for yourself and other 99ers than you must lie down and take whatever the government decides
Idea #43:
TODO: missing headline

create a directory listing all the products and services considered as sustainable. .
Use cyber consumerism , like carrotmob to drive change.
Idea #42:

It’s happening already, i know. But i speak about do it massively,like this urban movement. We have to came back to the Earth, to the real world, that can be a paradise if we want, and go out of the noisy,polluted and full of machines cities,go out of asphalt-isolated floor and begin to walk on the Earth.
We have to ask for our right to have a piece of land. We can ask for public land or natural parks, and develop there permacultural, communitarian projects. Not like marginal communities, keeping contact with the local producers, speaking with them about the harmful agrochemical products and the dangerous modified seeds, trying to collect (and plant) original local seeds,take care of the local natural water sources….
The food, and the water, its not only energy. Its information too. We are informational consumers(the spirit take our body for have an experience, for desire of information), and is good if this information we assimilate with the food is in harmony with our environment. Now we eat,drink and breath(petrol smoke,tobacco,…) a lot of information from far away. Maybe can be some relation with develop of cancer, that is produced by a mutation on cells information…
We need to change this.

The industrial process has take us out of our original context in less the 100 years. Our mind and our body still are not adapted…and we are suffering (stress,depression, paranoia,….) All because we live in an strange environment, forced to follow the demential rithm of the machine…
And don’t speak about came back to the cave, but we need to look for a balance based on the respect to the nature and….OUR nature.

Of course, the movement have to be keep on the cities, but..
Idea #41:

We don’t need to wait to 15O, wen can begin to occupy right now, warming up the streets… offering workshops and information to the people, in every place, every neighborhood, even in little villages..Thats way is good to push up the affluence of people at 15th.


What about create a RADIO emission informing and transmitting all thats happening in each city with music, interviews, …. i think it can arrive to more people with no internet or internet limitations..
Idea #40:

This topic was discussed on the first day chat. I think still there are no consensus about and i think is very important. Of course, in every place will be different because in every place there are different context(different manifestation of the same problem), but is important to show and to feel that we are together. People spoke about look for a symbol or a song. In my opinion we shouldn’t fall again on the trap of mythicize a symbol, a song or a person.
I propose to do something that is very easy to understand and very simple to do..
A deep and long SILENCE handling our hands(someone speak about a big line of persons, i think is more easy make circles or, better,simply handling the hands of the person surrounding you,maybe three,four o more hands together, making a big NET). Thats can be complemented from people on the houses by switch off our telephones, our computers, our TVs,… All that can be unplugged to eliminate all noise as possible. Can be a way of stop the world.We go too fast.We need to reset.

Symbol of peace
Symbol of respect
Symbol of listening
Symbol of unity
Symbol of the void ready to be filled up by the others
Symbol of a new beginning
Symbol of “everything is possible”
Symbol of inclusion

Its important to say that silence is something that every people can do and every people can feel, even the people with sensorial limitations and don’t have any political, social,racial or religious connotations. Its totally clean.
About how many time we want to keep this silence, i think one hour can be great,even more, but maybe can be excessive for some people. It can be discussed…
It will be good if we can coordinate it in every world at the same time, taking in consideration the time difference. __________________________________________________________________________
Idea #39:

(write more please?)
Idea #38:
Operational Template

The use of this template for this list and further conversations .

Identify the problems: List here any problems/grievances you think should have further conversations on. ie: monetary inequality/wealth and how it is used against us.
Conversations on How to solve these problems: You might list some here after identifying them. Further talk and exchanges of ideas on how to solve and as to the implementation of solutions. ie: Ideas as to how to stop further control over us by the use of monetary wealth and value, like no longer using monies to determine human wealth (stop the use of money altogether.)
Action/Implementation: Solidifying ideas and what actions/implementation strategies will be taken to bring about changes that are deemed needed. ie: Taking the valued standard of dollars/gold/wealth driven values off of them and putting them in the value of one another (human).

This template has shone its effectiveness in as recent of events as the #occupywallstreet gathering(s) and would do much in furthering all agendas to rectify our problems in the world.
Idea #37:
Use “Imagine” by John Lennon as the song of united for #globalchange.

The song represents many ideas behind the movement.

(write more please?)oh yes
It really represents a lot of ideas behind the movement, but maybe it can
Idea #36:

There are a lot of sites shown information about actions and events about 15O. I think is important to create a site to show to the people WHY we need a change. For many of us can be obvious, but we have to think in the people who just begin to wake up. We have the responsibility of teach them and motivate them. We have to show with simple words(without too many economic technic words) and links to news and data that:
politicians are serving to the banks(giving them thousands million euro)
if the governments don’t pay the debt ,the country become in the hands of the banks(like if you don’t pay your debt, then bank take your car or your house)
trans-national international mafia If this is meant to mean transnational and international companies, the word mafia should be dropped. The people in those companies are also the 99%. At least most of them who not are the elites in the companies.
privatization of medicines, water and seeds
expensive wars to feed the weapon market and transnational interest (and reconstruction business).
media manipulation-programation
etc,etc,etc…….. the list can be sadly long

And information about what we can do in the local environment,in our ordinary live like neighborhood meetings, consume cooperatives, recycling, transnational boycott, cancel bank accounts, … and, very important, show that, we can change the world TOGETHER, we have common problems very hard to solve if we are alone, isolated in our house..Think this is more important tha pointing at all that is wrong. Many I have talked to agree, but they allways end up asking for the solution for the problems. So we need people to wake up by telling them and let them see that the sollutions cant be made without them helping us.
Open the eyes, Rise up and join to others!
Idea #35:
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights before the covenants. Leaves out the environment but otherwise covers individual rights beautifully. 63 years old, signed by most countries and the basis of many constitutions, and still almost universally ignored.
Idea #34:
HUMAN CHAIN: The European Way

In 1989 people in 3 Baltic States joined hands for a long human chain. Attendance: 700,000 Estonians, 400,000 Latvians and 1,000,000 Lithuanians
Can we make it… bigger? Trans European captitals: Lisbon – Madrid – Paris – Brussel – Amsterdam – Hamburg – Kopenhagen = 3333 km… would be a great achievement!
Idea #33:
Permaculture as a foundation for the fulfillment of human and natures needs.

Permaculture is the practice of agriculture by working together with nature, local farms and gardens, composting, compost-restrooms and everything in between provide healthy food at low cost, both economical and ecological. The benefits of this practices is abundant.
Means for this idea are: distribution of information (there are plenty of pdfs), seeds and the formation of local groups/classes. Help spread the largest collection of permaculture resources online:
Idea #32:
Universities: free way of knowledge

Today, the Universities are a place to form “new machines” to work for the capitalism system, restricting that knowledge only to students that passed on a selective test. The propose is to trasform the University into a universal and free way to obtain more knowledge, where everybody could have acess to an Anatomy Course, experiences of Physics and Chemical or a History Research, for example. We have to make projects to enlarge the range of knowledge for all the people, not only for one’s who were selected by the system to have acess to that wealth. In our society, a person who complete a course of Engineering, for example, have almost the obrigation to make projects like machines, buildings, circuits, and be the best on that area, to survive in the selective capitalism. Tomorrow, in our new society, a person will be able to know about many areas and contribute to each one as he/she want, not being slaved to only one part of our wonderful knowledge.
Idea #31:
Mexico is a great example of why free and good quality education
and job opportunities are essential for a healthy society.

Mexico is at war, some call it “The war on drugs” I call it civil war. Why? Because it’s the poor and unemployed who join the drug cartel’s forces in search for better opportunities. Dedicated to extortion and kidnaping people, trafficking and selling drugs, murdering and defending their territories.
Mexico is falling apart because these people, who work for the cartels, didn’t have the same opportunities than a middle class person. They feel marginalized and excluded from society, they have lost any human value.
An equality of opportunities in education, jobs and life would prevent the crisis Mexico is living. This will not be reached until the government in every level gets cleaned from corruption. Politicians and members of the education syndicate are known for stealing the money.
We will grab to hope, and we will fight corruption and poor education. Following a vision of a just and equal society convenient for all.
The “war on drugs” is a good example of bad policy being maintained (in part) by the military industrial complex. The US pressures Mexico to continue this war and pays Mexico hundreds of millions as part of the Mérida Initiative. But Mexico pays the price in casualties and the US military industrial complex makes a multiple of the money spent…
Idea #30:
Humans are influenceable, so let us influence each other the right way

The mass media has been in control of our way of life, our thought and our morals. And it will never change because we, humans, tend to be influenced by any external stimulus.

The mass media has been controlled by governments and the market, these have been using propaganda to control us as they wish. Nurturing a consumer/individualist society for their benefit.

As we, The People, are those who consume the mass media, therefore we are most affected by it. We, The People, must have some part in the mass media industry.

We are bombarded with information and suggestions to buy stuff. If we take some part of the media, justified by our need to form a just and rightful society, we must produce some socially responsible messages, at least in the commercial blocks, as any other commercial. A message of hope, educating the society to love one and each other, to be happy and joyful, to know they don’t need to buy anything to reach happiness, to learn to smile each other, etc..

Let’s take the responsibility to influence each other, the right way, to develop the society we want. Let us reach social good health and let us have a peaceful world.
Idea #29:
Let’s help Africa Sub-Saharan, united

Let’s pay atention on Africa too, mainly the Sub-Saharan. In this continent, there is much hunger and poverty, and their people can’t make the revolution cause they don’t have good acess to internet and don’t have suficient information. They are still with many individual problems, like hunger and homeless, to got out and make a coletive action. So, we, that want a global democracy, have to help not only with money, but mainly with actions to destroy the exploration of the corporations on that continent, to erradicate the poverty and to inform that people about what happening and call them, to know IF THEY WANT to join us with this new proposal of democracy.
Idea #28:
TODO: missing headline

Look to the news…all this chaos coming from economy…All the people speaking about economy.Numbers without soul….We can see where is the problem.
Money is a powerful energy.Like all kind of energy, its not bad,its not good…only energy. But its is different from the others energies because its not under the law of Nature. Its an energy out of control (and can be show it like a powerful drug too: the SOMA of A.Huxley).
This energy is feeding the machine and the machine has imposed its rithm, and we lose the rithm of nature, the rithm of the cycle of live. We are losing our essence.. And this have to be one of our reivindications: We want to be Humans again. We have right to be Humans.
Stop the compulsive production of the TIC-TAC and produce just to cover the real need of people.Without competence…
But we have to begin by the little things….Now, we can only power over our live, over our time. We have to begin for ourselves. Together, we can do it. WE ARE.
We don’t need to say to politicians “please,change my life”. We can change our lives.
We only need the courage to refuse to the machine, stop to play the game of slavery. If we change inside and we keep the coherence in our acts, we can do it…TOGETHER. Change your live: cancel your bank account, cancel your credit card, leave your house.Lets make a ‘consume strike'(maybe is beautiful make it for christmas solstice).Maybe some people cannot do it. but other many people can do it: FORGET THE FEAR. Lets do a Faith Act. Lets be a nomad group of homeless. Its forbidden to be poor in Europe?. Lets go out of the game, and lets see whats happen. Keeping us together we can encourage to the others… We just begin the re-evolution, we have to keep it after 15O, ad eternum…
And from this position of REAL FREEDOM, realizing that its not possible the independence(egothic uthopy), that all we are INTER-DEPENDENT, we can begin to construct a new world,: Sharing..Speaking..Feeling..Playing..Helping us..Celebrating the LIFE…

We need to see how much of the system is inside our thinkings, in our words, in our acts…and begin to change this. If not..we are lose.
Are you ready to be free ?,Have you the courage to renounce to material slavery?

Idea #27:
Free global movement

no borders for people
regardless of nationality or country of origin
free movment between continents

Borders constitute the political and economic barriers to a real democracy in a global age.+
Idea #26:
Discussion on our picture of the future and a “good life for all”

Some thoughts and suggestions on that:
The central aim is to enable everybody to have a good life enabled (for example) through:
Respect for the dignity of each person, satisfaction of basic human needs and the fostering of individual development.
Ecologically sustainable use of natural resources (soil, water, plants, minerals etc.) and their just distribution in the interests of the global public good, taking into consideration the vital interests and survival of future generations.
Joint decision-making about what is produced, for whom, and in what form; how public goods are used and preserved, and how the parameters for this are created. Empowerment of people to shape their lives themselves.
A good life for all presupposes that the basics for survival are secured

In order to achieve these aims, forms of economic activity need to be organised according to the following principles:

Social justice and ecological sustainability: The wealth of society is to be produced and distributed in a socially just and ecologically sustainable way, thus guaranteeing social security for everybody. The focus of economic activity is based on the principles of providing goods and services needed and a care economy.
Just division of labour: Work is to be justly distributed, evaluated and esteemed, and linked to the creation of these goods and services which are necessary for society. People are to decide for themselves when in their lives they work.
Democratic organisation: Decisions about economic parameters and rules are made involving all groups of society. Differences in power between individuals, genders, classes, ethnic groups and regions resulting in unjust distribution of opportunities must be eliminated.
Orientation towards the common good: The aim of economic activities is the greatest possible common good – locally as well as globally. Cooperation, solidarity and responsibility are the principles which direct all action.

Idea #25:
Basic principles of the movement in our communication and collaboration

In order to make the protests a peaceful event and a real opportunity for our common future it would be good to have some commonly agreed upon basic principles of communication and collaboration (for virtual meetings as well as for real meetings) for the movement.
e.g. non-violence, respect, deep listening, non-dogmatic, equal opportunities to participate, etc. (are there experiences from 15M in Madrid?) You listed them great. Another one, consensus is better than majority and it’s possible, takes time, but as we say, we move slowly cause we’re going far away. Horizontality, we have no leaders. Transparency, openGovernment. Free justice for the people.
Idea #24:
First of all we need to rise up the white flag.

Our problem is structural violence, and our current priority is violence means, as they already enforce.
Only then we can start to use common sense and, instead of wasting our resources against each other, use them for human aims.
Idea #23:
being human means following basic social guidelines

before realising action plans we discuss effects and side effects
there are no obstacles for participation
sharing is honoured
Idea #22:
Form the big cities as centers for technology, development and education,
not centers for production and sale. Thought of in the spirit of idea #18

Production and sale will mostly take place in the local communities, with good and efficient infrastructure for transportation between the communities.
Decentralization of sale and production will also mean a decenrtalization of money and will therefore minimize crime in the cities. A society where money is less important than today will also serve this effect on crime. Farmgate importing … except we can set it up much better. Very important part of taking control, IMO
Use technology to make education free.
Idea #21:
Fight for a global basic income

at least $100 per month
without conditions
eliminates immediately extreme poverty

A basic income without conditions is necesarry for a real democracy, if you have no other ressources, like land. Otherwise corporations, governements, banks and so on make you do what they want.

The wall street, the iwf, the world bank, the fed, the ezb, all the huge banks and billionaires are allowed to pay for it.
Idea #20:
Co-creating direct democracy! Get involved.

We the People, shall define the rules and processes that will govern direct democracy.
We the People, shall design, develop, test, and implement an open source, open data legislative platform to empower all citizens to participate in introducing, debating and voting on the laws that rule their country.
We the People, shall spread awareness on the true potential that direct democracy has to offer.
We the People, shall organize and sign petitions to bring about popular referendum to allow for our nations to peacefully switch to direct democracy.
We, the People, shall no longer transfer our decision making powers into the hands of political representatives.
We, the People, shall have the right to represent ourselves and responsibly participate in shaping the future of our nations through direct democracy.
The initiative is online now at Get involved.

Idea #19:
[open]Industries, production, have to match witch real need.

Build mobile machine wich can use sand to glass to perserve village threaten by the desert.
Fund natural industries based on season.
fiber of leave, water, glue(what for vegetal ersatz?) to make paper.
petale(not sure of translation), water, third ingredient to link the ink.



when science be able to make a proven healthy Lab Grown Meat (In vitro meat), we should complete stop killing animals for food and produce only Lab Grown Meat.
Idea #18:
Allow, not force. – A minimum of rules and laws to create true freedom

Power and freedom cant be separated. If its used wrong power can compromise the freedom of people and the society. But power are also a key to freedom if its used the right way.

Indiviually power and freedom:
We need a system that everyone agree upon. Therefore it must be constructed by will and not by laws. Allow people, not force them.
People needs to be allowed to do what they want to do, as long as they dont compromise others freedom.

Collective power and freedom:
More local than central power on most issues. Will help prevent new elites rising.
Like in idea#14: Make local decisions based on social contracts instead of political and jurisdictional laws.
Local power will give local communities opportunity to use their own resources to create the community they want. A society based on collaboration and not competition will also create a dynamic supply of resources between the different local communities.
In its widest sense this can be seen as a world of “global-local” communities, connected with each other by communication, education and collaboration.

An example:
A town or a district of a city comes together in a public meeting (can be done on internet) where they will descide what to work on in the community. Since the resources to get the work done comes from everyone, everybody who meet up have to agree on a proposal to make it come to life. If you dont meet up for the meeting, you will miss your vote. That means not the you get excluded from future work on the issue, but have to follow the decisions made on the meeting.
Maybe this is a system that not seems very efficiently, but a thought may be that the one rule here: Consensus in the community, will give focus to important issues from the very start, wich will allow more and more issues be treated more and more efficiently.
The connection between the local and the global gives this system a dynamic structure. And it seems like a good perspective to use to handle the world and the reality: Local people in a Global world.
Idea #17:
Power corrupts, absolut power corrupts absolutely. That is law
The new distribution of power

The current system is a system of representation, we vote or chose someone to represent us, it’s the same thing all over the world, and every time someone represents the interest of many people they get sick with power that is an universal truth for we human beings, so we must learn from this and learn how to distribute power, the only way is via internet.

If we where to vote for worldwide laws instead of representatives, who wouldn’t vote for free food, house and education for all, that is the idea, we must take this piramid distribution of power and turn it into a sphere where every one, and I mean every single person on earth, share the same responsability, voting for laws instead of representatives, making the people who up hold them the same that voted for them.

To achieve this we must first have:
Free internet via powerlines wich is posible with today technology, so everybody can have acces. THAT SHOULD BE THE FIST DEMAND (?). How about instead: Right to internet? Several nations already acknowledged this right as is becomes increasingly impossible to function in society without internet (and universal access to information works to the advantage of the whole society).
A voting system via internet the internet is as easily corruptible as it gets. With internet voting you can either have verifyability, or anonimity… never both. There are ways to get both, but someone can still force you to prove you voted the right party ‘or else’… that is the advantage of the simple paper ballot. My alternate proposition is: use anonymous verifyable paper ballot voting for elections, and a secondary voting mechanism for citizen referenda. We need to be able to vote on concrete yes/no issues often, easily and cheap and internet voting can be used to realize that.

Free submition to new laws

It would be much especulation to ask for more, those are the first steps into creating a true global and just comunity for the sake of our planet and all the living things we share it with
Idea #16:
Real Democracy Now! as a demand in U.S. Actions (aim for global focus?)

For U.S. Organizers: Campaign and Slogan idea – Demand Money out of Political System alongside demands for Election Day to be made a Federal holiday. Twin demands to implement Real Democracy. (need a sexier slogan to sum it up though!)
“Politic Hey! Leave Your Money, Since this Day, Election Day, Be Holiday, Democratie!”
Idea #15:
Never stop living your life and travel further

People should invite everybody to live at their houses, dont be stuck at your home – leave your house and see what happens in the world, the bad and the good
No need for money, when the community is big enough
Build a network, where everybody helps out with his profession
Everybody will give his work in exchange for your work
This system can be implemented in the current system, so a system in the system
Trading their knowledege in points, e.g. for goods

the author wants this video to be connected to his idea, it’s not spam
Idea #14:
Voting System (online, and offline) where the social contract
lets the people decide the issues and solutions

Create a physical or digital way for people to interact with each other
Evolve concerns into solutions
Let every concerned person participate in democracy
Create an open source system where voting is anonymous and transparent. This is a great idea but it can’t be anonymous. It wouldn’t be legitimate voting. It can be if you don’t save together the info of the vote and the identity (one list for votes and another one for voters). It can, but won’t be verifyable… you can vote A and they record vote B. It can be anonymous *and* verifyable, but you can be forced to prove you voted the ‘right party’.

ASC (Anonymous Social Contract) 0.01 on
Idea #13:
End corruption and money laundering

Don’t allow any politician to have a second period in office, in any circumstance. That will be the end of corruption. And that should be mandatory before they swear for the first time period.
Implement extreme hard penalties for any kind of corruption and this also means punishing both sides: the one who takes/steals the money – plus the customer/company who is paying him
e.g. money laundering shouldn’t be only jail, but life improsenment – stealing public/peoples money in any form is a no-go
Let the money system and the economy improve the world, not rule the wold. Make money less important for the development in the society.
Idea #12:
IDEA FOR ACTION: 15O: Let’s take the squares, the gardens and buildings
with our brooms

On the 15O let’s all of us take the streets with our brooms in order to simbolize we will sweep away corruption, capitalism and all the dirtiness of the system we don’t like. We will clean the world as we do in our own homes.
(Author of the idea, literally: Julita, 93 years old Spanish grandma)
Let’s make our position clear – the world is our home, we are the ones here with the brooms, not the govs, banks, bosses, companies, kings, sheikhs, churchs, mafias, presidents or whatever part of the 1% you locally have in your country
we – the 99%, the majority of all human beings in the world – will clean our world from those evil 1%. not their home anymore
PLEASE SHARE AND SPREAD THE IDEA if you like it… we have just one week left to get everyone involved and be a crital mass.
Idea #11:
Spreading Awareness about the Hidden Propaganda and Manipulation

Enlighten your neighbor about the propaganda technique used in order to manipulate the masses, tell them about a part of history well known for it’s manipulation by propaganda
Show them how the sky is manipulated by chemtrails and scalar waves ( demand that water stop being fluoridated –
Tell your neighbor that the government is only a slave, a servant for the public and we are not the slaves of the government
Experts does not exist, a invention of public relation. “Normal people” are able to understand complex scientific facts, they are not stupid. Tell your neighbor that we should not be afraid to gain knowledge and teach ourself!
Strenghtening the collective consciousness and awareness by telling your own story and your hopes and ideas … you will see we are all one in this world, differences are “man made” by governments in order to manipulate and have control.
Become aware of the manipulative power of religion. Know that there is a difference between the Truth and religion (but without offending anyone’s faith!).
Idea #10:
Information-diffusion in an easy way

Have a clear mapping of idea, and define a clear tree to open to other language.
Inform people of the growing revolution and multiply translation, clarify the message to simplify idea the key words are TRADE SHARE & FREE INFO… (can we improve this kaywords? the author was native french, please feel free to improve)
Simple words, simple symbolic language, no political bla bla, no academic bla bla, simple to understand and simple to communicate
Simple to find / diffusion via web: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Email, make your own small animated gif and link it to, make a small video … YOUTUBE and Vimeo is great for spreading ideas!
Idea #9:
Work Action

Collaboration instead of competition. (this is my) ideal in work environment and economical system
working hard in the system means feeding the system…
being anonymous is the longer way to take the short cut:
cooperate with an organization which is already established as a registered
what ever you want
There is not enough work for all in a full automated economy. So there is really no need to work hard 😉 In fact we should work less and and people would have it easier to find a job
We use machines and automation to do the hard work.
big money out of elections
stop corporate control over life
Let’s define the goal as not what should end, but what should be
Idea #8:
democracy? world speaker! (future: world government?)

We need to set up the foundation “We The People Organisation” (WTPO, instead of WTO) to conduct the election of a world speaker(s). The most promising candidate for this office is Nelson Mandela. Chomsky (why Chomsky? outside US nobody knows him – in a global voting Mandela would win) Funny. I am from Europe:) He is a great advocate for free speach, freedom, peace and the people. Plus he is very very well informed, has been studying these issues for decades. For more media punch Mandela though.
The multi-national companies can only be controlled by global laws to prevent a catastrophe. The world speaker can enforce the effective implementation of global laws with existing institutions, e.g. UN, European Parliament, NATO. (sorry, but UN inself needs a big reform. Its unable to act at the moment)
e.g. stock-exchange transaction taxes or Tobin tax – both can only be implemented globally.
A World Government or a World Speaker could acumulate much power on one’s hand, and we have to pay atention on this. Instead of making a better democracy, a Global Representant would transform it into a burocracy, as what happened on the Russian Revolution with Stalin. The Global Democracy could be formed by international assemblies, where the population of each region of the world could give its opinion.
World People Forum where billions of world citizens can hold a referendum to vote on important issues. It can operate on a transnational level and attempt to focus only on important global issues (and not get stuck in local politics). Any decision made by many millions of people carries a legitemacy not easily ignored and may lead to some influence without the need for an official organization in power (and the danger of corruption that power holds). This could be implemented online now with failsafes to allow decentralization and prevent manipulation and censorship. The greatest problem with this idea is developing nations will not be represented equally since internet access is limited.
Idea #7:
next stop

This is going to be a long struggle. We should define the next stop:
when do we meet again?
when is the next large-scale date?
Also: are we going to sustain some effort in the days immediately after Oct15?
Make assemblies!
Idea #6:
we are ready for more democracy (and for eDemocracy)

We the people are ready to participate more in the decision-making processes: more direct democracy, because we are more educated than ever. Instead of this, critical decisions are being taken by the financial markets.
We have the internet. Demand eDemocracy!
This is a basic idea connecting Iceland with Tahrir and the Arab Spring, with #takethesquare and #yeswecamp in Spain and with #occupytogether in the US.
The Swiss have a good system to look to for Direct Democracy – policies like the people being able to call a referendum where they can challange a law passed by the government by gathering signitures; if they suceed, a national vote is scheduled where voters decide by asimple majority whether to accept or reject the law.
Idea #5:
Simple, strong demands

There should only be a short list of
concrete, substantial demands
that can be agreed upon, published and propagated.
Too many ideas too fast is not a good idea and will be hard to achieve a united front with them.

Lessons of the Black Civil Rights Movement:
1) Objective was consistent — full and equal citizenship
2) Success was contingent on active support of mass Black public

Adapted to our Global Revolution:
1) Objective: government of the people, not the financial markets
2) Success is contingent on active support of the global mass public

focus to 1 big message. “WE ARE 99%” is amazing, no: brilliant… something like this..
plus: “a reason why” like “we want to modify the financial system” (not a revolution! anything else is not viable or realistic – you wont change the world in a nutshell.
best practice in germany is the new pirates party with small ambitions to move the system with
a new type of transparency/liquid democracy/liquid feedback culture
– thats the way it rules! beat the system with its own weapons…

I think the key is
what was called in Spain “¡Democracia Real YA!”, as this is
a simple demand that is open to include an infinity of more detailed questions.

Not just strong demands, but strong actions
Incorporate already existing projects:

Idea #4:
Limitate military industry [[out of focus??!!]]

In respect of all people killed by all your war machinery, i beg you sir to
stop right now the production of all kind of tools that humans has imagined with the property to kill an other human,
grab all ammunitions you have seed all around the planet.
You the death dealer try to find back the humanity you may still hide.
Idea #3:
Spread our demands – #takethemedia!

An open letter to governments should be published in major newspapers.
A full-page ad would be nice, but how to fund? (maybe crowdfunding à la kickstarter?) Newspapers still has wide diffussion… It is an unexpected action! And it is “touchable”! Offline work is BASIC. Most people still recieve their info via TV, Radio and Newspapers combined. We have neglected working our way into these mediums. One idea is to start focusing on smaller and more independent local/regional papers. We need groups to contact the journalists themselves, if they ignore we have to write letters directing them to our work, maybe showing them where to look on the Web etc. Any ideas?

But also, think digital:
post your ideas into public online PR [Press Release] chanels to spread the message and reach thousands of multipliers. eg. for germany: and many other newsblogs which are connected to many well known online publishers like heise, internetworld, gulli …
with high unique usages (reach) above 2 mio. people (better educated people inside the internet business). all you have to do is to post and publish with an official sender… no costs at all! Use german language. For english language use you have to accept some submission stuff … but its easy to take. try out! Calculate 1-3 days between uploading and publishing date and some editors corrections.
Idea #2:

One of the demands that should be made here and in other protest actions is for
publication of government-controlled data, allowing exception for state secrets when security is at stake, but with a finite date (preferably released encrypted with keys in escrow so no infinite extending of the dates).
particularly the private ownership of land and mineral resources, including water and oil.
public political leader have to give up some privacy, particulary all details that may corrupt their public function (connections to corporations, money received etc.). All these details should be made public and checked by an anti corruption taskforce with appropriate punishment when crucial information was intentionally witheld (regardless of any actual proven corruption). Let the public decide whether to trust a politican after all details of their connections are known…In the US today, almost everyone knows are politicians are bought, but we don’t look into the details of which corporations bought then and we vote for then anyways. The first hundred years or so of our country, we just banned any corporate influence in politics – lobbying and donations like we see today were seen by framers of our constitution as bribery – up there with treason. Why not completly banning corporate donation to political leaders, punishable by revoking their corporate charter
Idea #1:
Awareness of this revolution

Not every revolutionary situation leads to revolution, which cannot come about of itself. It can only come about:
When the masses are ready for revolt, and
When in addition the higher classes are incapable of carrying on under the old order;
these are the objective conditions, independent of the will of parties and classes.

Furthermore, the revolution cannot be contemplated as a single swift blow:
It must be a series of intensifying struggles on all fronts.
No revolution fully corresponds with the intentions of its makers.
This present one is an ‘active’ rather than a ‘passive’ reformist revolution.
It is a ‘spontaneous’ rising of class consciousness (as conceived by Rosa Luxembourg), and
is the antithesis of the theory of the vanguard party and intelligentsia leading the workers (although those with technological acumen are the new intelligentsia and the vanguard party are those who ‘spontaneously’ organise the actions, from media, communications to food, provisions etc)

There is clearly a need for localized direction, but
managed in a syndicalist fashion,
with ‘assemblies’, ‘councils’, ‘meetings’ etc.
but not to the detriment of ‘action’ against the expropriators.

Madrid has taught us that a
living communalism in the urban metropolis is a utopian vision of something greater, but ultimately futile except as an example. [NOTE of a Madrilian: Madrid’s intention was NOT to create any kind of hippie communalism, but to create networks between all of us to start something new] NOTE from another person of Madrid. The intention was not to create that but in a way that did happen. The network did happen but the camp became a burden. To much effort was needed to maintain it, and in the end the media did associate it with ‘hippie’ communalism causing a lot of people to criticize. This is only my opinion.

Slavoj Zizek points out that the focus should not be on the day of revolution, but what we do with it, that is, how we organise on the day after.
Answer – Use this wiki for organising the future
Of course, such a possibility anywhere is slim as an eventuation.

The ‘actions’ will need to be maintained in perpetuum to have any meaning, and
the utopian beginnings will have inevitably somewhere to embrace political reason and
the difficult, complex matter of developing a true participatory democracy on every level, from the local to the global.

The difficult matter of fleshing out mere ideas into living reality has always been the bugbear of radical politics–let us rise to the occasion and fashion a new world of thriving local communities.


Getting organized:

We need a global agreement to impose a big business ethics.

This agreement must collect minimum rights for workers, and those companies and countries that do not accept the agreement, they can not sell their products in countries that commit to the agreement. Also countries not to accept the agreement can not export their products.

We can not allow a country like USA, which has the world’s most powerful companies, provide Chinese citizens, precarious jobs, while U.S. citizens are unemployed. It is impossible for an American worker is equally productive than a Chinese worker who has no right.

If most of the countries accepted the agreement, would unify the rights of workers to produce as we could all worth.

It is also necessary to end the companies known as “subcontractors” who produce nothing and manage people as if they were flesh.jj

Paul von Hartmann “The greatest service which can be rendered any country
is to add a useful plant to its culture.”

“Hemp is of first necessity
to the wealth & protection of the country.”

Thomas Jefferson
3rd President of the United States, inventor,
Cannabis farmer

It follows then that the greatest harm which can be inflicted on any country is to remove the most useful, nutritious, healing, potentially abundant, widely distributed, highly adaptable, environmentally beneficial plant from its culture. That’s how in the US, we’ve wound up with 1% of the people owning 40% of everything.

The most overwhelming question with the greatest amount of public support on all of the petitions and questions for Obama have to do with ending Cannabis prohibition. Yet his administration is ramping up the war on medical marijuana patients, doctors and dispensaries, even as GMOs are being fast-tracked in to corner the market on food production.

The only way to keep the progressive movement progressive is to address the concerns of the majority of the 99%, most of whom want marijuana prohibition to end.

Every spring planting season that passes without the innumerable benefits of Cannabis ecology, agriculture, manufacture and trade is gone forever. Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival.

Sharpen the focus of this movement or people will lose interest and return home discouraged. That’s the greatest danger in these protests. Lots of energy spent on complaining without a practical component that does first things first:

Free all non-violent marijuana prisoners!

Bring our US troops home! We need “farmies” not armies! Coordinate gdistribution of food and heirloom, non-GMO seeds — not bombs! and DU munitions — to help people to help themselves rather than create more conflict.

Harvest feral hempseed in the mid-west before winter or we won’t have seed for planting in the spring.

Re-tool America to make the most of the harvest next Fall 2012

Start alternative region currencies to maximize efficiency and encourage local economies & reduce federal income taxes.

Invest your money in heirloom seeds while the US dollar still has perceived value. Start trading seeds with other like-minded folk.

Beating the banksters means realizing that their game is obsolete in the context of a world on verge of synergistic collapse of environment, economics, and the existing
social order.

Be kind.
Stay positive.

We ARE One…

#Idea: Visualization aid: Create a nice computer animated video of the NYSE going from its current level, down, then down some more and then plunging to ZERO. Could be a minute long and loopable.. could put some sweet music, so it’s a pleasure to look and listen every day until it’s a reality