Call to document the #15oct world protest

From Take the square we want to launch a public call to create a video database with scenes from protests around the world. They will be made ​​available to the public for any project under Copyleft License (All Rights Reversed). It is very important to send these pictures as soon as possible, for example, before 7PM GMT +2. This will make it easier for them to move on the Internet, as well as helping the mass media around the world to spread to most people.


– One minute maximum.

– The images should be raw footage, without editing, so you have to go without music or text.

– You can include interviews but if they are short. Select the most interesting parts yourself if they are too long. It is better if the interviewee does not look at the camera or hold the microphone himself.

– Try to shoot the most beautiful scenes you can. Make them as diverse as possible, no more than 8 seconds long, unless the action is particularly interesting. Use different shot sizes: details, generals, short cuts. If possible, make it clear where your images are from. For example, by showing famous monuments, signs, language etc. Be creative.

– Technical specifications: Send a Quick time file, a. Mov. Choose the H.264 compression. It must be a single video file, not different clips, with a maximum size of one GB. The recording format should preferably be PAL. If it is a HD or HDV camera, try to record at 25 frames per second and not 30.

-Send files AS SOON AS POSSIBLE by to