Occupations and General Strike: A Strategic 15O in Barcelona

In Barcelona, during the demonstration of the “Global Day” on Saturday 15 of October where 350.000 people was processing in the streets, the manifestation was divided in three blocks:

First Block: Education
A group of teachers, students and people concerned by the fight for a free education gone to occupy an university in “Raval”.
They are still there since three nights with little people but today they organized a big assembly where they convened a general strike of Education for the 17 of November with a follow-up commission.
They don’t want to make this general strike only symbolic but as a real way of fight and pressure the government, they think to block classes until the stop of the EEES or “Plan Boloña” and some of them told about a call to all the European universities for a General Strike in indefinite time.

Second Block: Housing
The commission “Vivienda” (housing) gone to occupy a block of houses in “Nou Barris” for the families in moving situation.
They call everybody to join and sleep there where they organize a lot of activities, debates and concerts. (see the video)
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Third Block: Health
The “Hospital Del Mar” was occupied too because of the cut in the budget and its personnel, with a social security falling down.

Barcelona is the capital of the squatting movement with 300 squats identified last year, a strong “culture squat” and an anarchic tradition. They already squat some building during this five months of indignation and think about a national massive squatting action during the next elections advanced to the 20 of November.