Welcome to the Global Network, an invitation to all the assemblies

We invite everybody to share this text all around the world via mails, feedbacks, websites…

Dear comrades of the global change,

We are about 400 people in squares all around the world, from Madrid to Tel Aviv, from New York to Rio, we share strategies and informations in order to export the pacific revolution and coordinate global actions as the 15 of October.
We make the link between our local assemblies and the other assemblies all around the world via this network and one of our main project is to create the tools to a global coordination inter-assemblies.

We communicate with a mailing list lists.takethesquare.net/mailman/listinfo/squares
In webchat.freenode.net we have regular assemblies, generally every Friday at 19h (Spanish hour)
Enter your nickname with your city (i.e: Mark_Lisbon) and enter in the channel #takethesquare
And our main website in witch you are invited to collaborate is takethesquare.net which stay the first global website and we look for collaboration via the “Squares” mailing list inviting the cities to send their information with a maximum of official texts, communicates, calls, photos, videos… But we are also open to groups and individuals because the personal reports interest a lot our visitors.
You can find all the informations about us in our social network n-1.cc/take-the-square-international where you can integrate for example one of our global projects n-1.cc/subgroups, the worldmap ikimap.com or the list of contacts n-1.cc/pages

You can find some help in order to be successful in your local protest here howtocamp.takethesquare.net
or in our archive center n-1.cc/howto-camp with a lot of documents about assembly, pacific resistance or intern organization.

We invite you to create an international commission in your city witch can make reports about your local situation in this global network and inform your assembly about the international informations we share. If you are not enough to create this commission, just a single person can make this job, integrating our mailing list for a start.

United we can everything!
Take The Square Network