After the Global Day, Go to a Global Week for the Financial Alternatives! Minutes of the IX Squares Meeting

The 5th. of NoVember will be signed with a V as Vendetta,
After an amazing Global day on October 15 where hundreds of cities started their first assemblies, emerged this last days a Global Week for the Financial Alternatives.
Alright you redeemers, rebels and radicals out there. We take from the rich and give to the poor. Its now time to amp up the edgy theatrics … deviant pranks, subversive performances and playful hijacks of all kinds. Open your insurrectionary imagination. Anything, from a bottom-up transformation of the global economy to changing the way we eat, the way we get around, the way we live, love and communicate … be the spark that sustains a global revolution of everyday life!
Starting with an International march on October 29 for the RobinWoodTax called by, the famous collective who called for the operation occupy wall street and started the successful jam for occupy all the stock markets around the world the same day.

On the eve of the G20 Leaders Summit in France, let’s the people of the world rise up and demand that our G20 leaders immediately impose a 1% #ROBINHOOD tax on all financial transactions and currency trades. Let’s send them a clear message: We want you to slow down some of that $1.3-trillion easy money that’s sloshing around the global casino each day – enough cash to fund every social program and environmental initiative in the world. Take this idea to your local general assembly and join your comrades in the streets on October 29.
From the 1st to the 4th of November a camp will be established face to the G20 in Nice, and ready to welcome hundreds of indignants from all around the world for a big international march the 1st, with demonstration in the center of Nice, rally and concert, and during the next days a lot of actions (like on Thursday 3 against tax havens in Monaco and all around the world) and a People’s forum under the slogan”People First, Not Finance” supported by Dakar world social forum.
The Program
of this meeting was built around six themes:

1. Stop austerity, end inequalities (austerity, employment, social rights, welfare, debt)
2. The people, not the market (finance regulation and debt) 
3. Change the system, not the planet (environment, development)
4. Don’t gamble with our food (agriculture, food)
5. Indignados, Rebels, Solidarity (democracy, struggle in Mediterranean region, human rights)
6. They’re 20, we’re billions (global governance)
You can find more information in or contacting and for the housing here.
After Madrid, Paris and Brussels, the braves indignants walkers who are now a coloured mix of all Europe will be there to share their stories and experiences before to start the 5th. from Nice their next adventure: the Walk to Rome/Ithaca/Athens after an International meeting of the People assemblies movement.
This same day the British outraged who are crossing all the country since three weeks now in a big March to London will join in the capital to prepare a big action in commemoration of the failed assassination attempt against King James I of England and VI of Scotland by a group of provincial English Catholics led by Robert Catesby. They was planning to blow up the House of Lords during the State Opening of England’s Parliament on 5 November 1605, as the prelude to a popular revolt in the Midlands.
Other cities support this symbolic day and work on a new anti-banks day like in Cologne, Athens, New York, Köln, Berlin, Paris where the assembly decided to occupy la Defense, the major business district, or in Brussels where they prepare a forum against the financial dictatorship.
Finally that day, a lot of people will initiate a new type of recurring action that the financial elites are not ready to forget…
After the two announces of BTD (Bank Transfer Day followed by more than 60.000 people) and Anonymous, inviting people to transfer their money from the banksters to credit unions on November 5, we will study the proposition in the next general assemblies of Madrid, London, Athens, Milan, Lisbon, Paris when the assemblies of Brussels and Milwaukee have already approved this action and are working on it.
So today we invite all of you to introduce this call in your General assemblies in order to give, all together, the 5th. of November, the last kick to this financial system.


5th. of November, First Transition Day:
The proposal is to start an international campaign of information, according to this period of Global awareness, inviting everybody to take their money out of the commercials banks and pass it to ethic banks (bank account) and credit unions (savings).
So  this action will have two fronts: take  the money out from the banksters elites, but also put more money available for sustainable projects who will contribute to everybody and help to heal the world.
People  can do it without changing  anything on the way they use their money (debt cards, etc) and they will have a bank account that will not  contribute to war and exploitation.


What is the plan?
  • A big campaign of communication to promote this action during the next twenty days in witch we need the collaboration of a maximum of assemblies to approve the call and spread the informations and their media. So the first step will be to present this proposal in the assemblies who will open a debate, adapt the proposal to their locality and create a working group charged to promote the action.
  • Until the 5th. of November we will spread a lot of texts and videos showing what the traditional banks are doing with our money but also promoting the financial alternatives and the projects they finance. We invite everybody and all the assemblies to share this materials and create new ones adapted to their local situations. So we welcome the video-makers, designers and all the people who can bring informations on this topic. There is a lot of way to promote this event for example in Milwaukee they started to make actions in the banks to inform directly the people in the perfect context and they will continue until the 5th, other think about original  flash mob in the street or spamming campaign.
  • The  5th. of November will be the great day where we invite everybody to transfer his money from his bank to an ethic one or credit union, following this simple steps:
• Research your local credit unions or ethic banks options (you have until the 5th. of November and we will share a maximum of informations and contacts to help you)
• Open an account with the one that best suits your needs (before the 5th. of November because it will be a Saturday and some of them will be closed)
• Cancel all automatic withdrawals & deposits (before the 5th. of November for more success)
• Transfer your funds to the new account (during the 5th. of November, the morning they are all open)
• Follow your bank’s procedures in your personal documents to close your account before the 5th. of November.


Find a credit union (will be updated everyday) :


Together we can ensure that these banking institutions will ALWAYS remember the 5th of November!!
If the 99% removes our funds from the major banking institutions to non-profit credit unions and ethic banks on or by this date, we will send a clear message to the 1% that human reached a new level of conscience, the conscious consumers won’t support companies with unethical business practices.
But  we can go further, the 5th. is one of the best days to have the most impact on the market and the banking accounting, so if we succeed the 5th. of November why don’t repeat this same action every 5th., trying to break the record every time. The people will get used to it and we will use the same  campaign of comunication so it will be very easy to do it again and better.


More informations: (soon in service)










19H/ Welcome to the new participants:
During the first thirty minutes, the time to wait that everybody connect was a good occasion to introduce ourselves and share informations about the 15o in a free discussion without moderation:


[19:08] <Jussi_Turku>
I’m Jussi from Finland, checking out this meeting platform. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend any 15o events in Finland but I know that there  were events in more than 5 cities and in Turku people started to occupy corners of the market place.
The city (owner of the market place) sent an eviction order there but the people slept in spite of their tent and other stuff got taken.
Police  and fire department have been cool with the occupation in Turku, and people are finding out if there are other places allowable to be  occupied.
Helsinki started  their occupation yesterday and Tampere is planning to squat a house.


[19:11] <niel_athens>
In Athens we didn’t make manifestation because we have manifestations everyday here and the people start to be tired but we joined the global  movement with a huge concert who was a big success, the people wanted to relax before this tensed week of general strike (1.000.000 people and too much violence)


[19:14] <tom_konstanz_ger>
Germany:  15.10. – 50 cities, 40.000 people – 10.000 Berlin, 5.000 Frankfurt – It was a surprise that so many camps start now in Frankfurt, Hamburg,  Düsseldorf – Berlin was evicted but starts perhaps next week, they get support and much media attention.


[19:22] <natacha_malmo>
I was in Copenhagen the 15o where there were around 3 000 attending, maybe a bit less. The atmosphere was great but there where very few left to the occupation. Didn’t work out.
In Malmö there was a small group about 150 persons. I’m not active myself, but hope to contribute by spreading accurate info, since I’m a journalist, working mostly with alternative media.


[19:28] <michele_lisbon>
Saturday was great!!
Tons of people, huge assembly and a bit of civil disobedience 😉 well we took the stairs in front of the parliament, we were supposed to stay away pacifically but people begun to climb up. And we also had a few confrontations with the police but no violence, hands risen up and all  that 😉


[19:38] <Sophie_Paris>
We made several demonstrations from different places and a central gathering dehind the city hall.
We think that 5000 people were mobilised, it is not a lot but we were afraid that less people get mobilised.
We tried to make a streaming with brussels but we did not succeed 🙁 because we did not have enough 3G network.
The problem concerning the gathering was that there was a repression of another gathering (of people from Ivory Coast) so many people left the   assembly to help them because they were repressed by the police.


19H30/ Next steps of the global network:
Since  Saturday 15o we seen a lot of propositions in order to maintain the  collective action during this next weeks. We debated about the three  principals, the plan was to elaborate the final calls in order to  introduce them in a maximum of assemblies and start the promotion.




– debate about the proposal
[19:50] <ttsWI_Milwaukee>
We at Occupy Milwaukee are planning to support this.
We must be careful in the US since it is illegal to organize a bank run.
We have discussed 11/5 as the day to switch from banks to credit unions at our assemblies.
Our action working group is moving forward with planning an event.
We’re  still learning details about the law. I think it’s illegal to say “come to this bank at this time and take out all your money” but as long as we aren’t too specific it’s OK. I had to check with action committee to find out exactly how they plan to promote it.
They  said something about a series of actions that will build up to the BTD  (Bank Transition Day). Yesterday we had a teach in at a bank and someone  got arrested.
We  are also planning to support the robin hood day on 10/29. (next proposal)
Anonymous is not attacking Facebook so we should stop mentioning that in all materials.
I just contacted someone from our action  committee who will be joining  us shortly and can provide more detail  about our plan.


[20:01] <Sophie_Paris>
I can give you two links for ethic banks in France :,
We did not discuss this in Paris because we did not know the project  but we can have a debate this Sunday. I think it is a great project 🙂


[20:06] <carlos_madrid>
Just to say that in Madrid we haven’t discussed in the general assembly yet and I don’t know if we will do it this Sunday.
But the economy group of Sol treated this proposal like two months ago and there were people that disagreed with it.
So maybe is difficult to get a consensus about supporting it.
I  would like to know if someone can give links to more info about this proposal in terms of, if it has been done in any square or assembly, analysis of the possible impact that this action can have depending on  the amount of support, possible consequences, possible reactions of banks…
That kind of things would be useful in order to ask people to support the action, if not it just seem a little random.


[20:43] <tom_konstanz_ger>


– elaboration of the final call 
Acracia sent more links about credit union in private message:


[20:32] <niel_athens>
If  I understood we miss more informations according to what said Carlos, do you have suggestion like Sophie who gave some French links? If not  I propose to start with this call and you have this forum to add more informations during the next day, we have to start the website this weekend so we need something to start, that don’t close nothing for the future.


[20:55] <tom_konstanz>
Please make it pro-ethic bank, not against banksters (no enemy images please)!!
I don’t agree. It’s too much “against” for my taste in the proposal for 5th Nov against facebook, anti bank, anti G20…


[21:16] <niel_athens>
This text is for the first transition day and everybody can work on the call in this pad, I will update in the website, all the infos you will add on the the n-1 group like the text for the call but also the videos, files, logos, flyers and if you need more time tom to restart the redaction of an other text it can be for the next transition day one  month later 🙂
And  don’t worry we was pressed about the call today just for the website  but we  can continue to work in n-1, mailing list, next meetings…


[21:07] <natacha_malmo>
Just wanted to tell you that in Sweden there’s JAK – a bank owned by all it’s members (all who save money in it) – you can read about them at:
And on their website they have info on similar banks in other countries:


[21:27] <michele_lisbon>
I don’t know any ethical bank in Portugal, I’ll ask the local ones and spread the call.


– organization of the promotion
The website and feedbacks will be ready this week end.
People in Milwaukee started an anonymous video-call for this action. They already saw announce on Twitter spreading the info to take money out of banks on 11/05. They also found a website who support our action
They also plan to make action in the banks the days before the 5th and that can inspire other cities.




– debate about the proposal
[21:42]  <Sophie_Paris>
Concerning the organisation and the popular assembly, I think there will  be more people for the demonstration on the 1st of November because  people do not work then, but there is already something planned the evening, and the most interesting probably is to make a popular assembly the last day to exchange with people who will go for the counter-summit, to make links, to speak to them about the movement.
We have contacts with the organisers of the counter-G20, we are in contact with ATTAC so we can tell them what are our projects to see if there is possible coordination. It would be interesting I think if propositions came from assemblies.
And we can see with the organisers if we can organise a popular assembly during the counter summit.


[21:45]  <niel_athens>
First of all we have to make a call to introduce  it in our assemblies, then some propositions will be made and we can join all this propositions  next week in a text to present to the organisers. I’m in contact with noG, I don’t think that they are the only organisers but they are really active during this events. I will talk with them and you with ATTAC about to organize something for the global movement of assemblies.


[22:11]  <Hector-icbcn>
About the international meetings for coordination, since the marches  to Brussels arrive to Paris and  Brussels we had organized 2 meetings  with the people from different countries working on the Agoras.
I talk about organization, calendar, methodology, security!
The second meeting was held in Brussels, you can check here the minute
In both meetings we told about how to coordinate through a calendar and includes the G20.
1 to 4th November Camp established in Nice ready  for people to join them for G20 the 1st and 2nd November with actions in Nice  and the 3rd and 4th in Cannes.
5th depart of the march to Athens and march to Ithaca.


– elaboration of the final call
[22:04] <niel_athens>
I’m OK to make the final call, I started a pad here  everybody is invited to collaborate and we will try to call to an international meeting about the movement of assemblies during the G20, the people will can present it to their assembly.


[22:04] <Sophie_Paris>
Actually I am not sure that we need a special call, we could call to G20 in our call for the 5th saying that it would be a step, an opportunity for another international meeting.
I think it is still useful to have international meeting for coordination.


[22:05] <niel_athens>
For the transition day call? OK! In the introduction like it is now with a link, great idea and really more simple.
So we will just include in the transition day call the link and a sentence about the opportunity to make an international  meeting and  inform other activists about our movement of assembly during the G20, like this all the assembly will see the both calls for sure and will  decide what they want to do for the both, we keep in touch during the next meeting and via the mailing list and n-1 to the follow-up.
Finally I will just mention this in the November 5 call, with the transition day, the departure of the marches, the forums and actions against the financial dictatorship in several cities with links and an international meeting of the movement during the G20.


[22:33]  <Sophie_Paris>
Ok to close the G20 day but just think please to  ask people in assemblies to say if they come so that organisers can anticipate for housing…
[22:34] <niel_athens>
We will put the contact for housing in the call.


– organization of the promotion
[22:21]  <niel_athens>
I can make an article just about the counter summit of the G20 in with all this informations.
We keep in touch via “squares” list, we will open a thread about International meeting during the G20.






– debate about the proposal
22:41] <michele_lisbon>
It would be nice to have another demo 😉 they are kind of addictive 😀
But the adbuster proposal should be more precise for example why 1%? is it enough?
And where will go the money? To the people, I hope? 😉


[23:01] <niel_athens> You have better informations here
Personally I don’t believe in this reforms but I support the  action, I think it’s a start in this project to elaborate this new tax  so all the redistribution… you have time to work on it I think. This is to change the consciences of the people, make them start to think at alternatives, it’s like the transition day, maybe ALL the people will not take their money out from the banks this day but they will see all our informations and  start to think about financial alternatives for them, and the next month we will break the record 🙂


– elaboration of the final call
[22:45] <niel_athens>
The call is here, adbusters called for the operation occupy wall street and was those who started the jam for occupy all the stock market.
Do we keep this call to be introduced in our assembly and in tts? The problem is that the call talk about the anti Iran war demonstration as the last global demonstration, I think they wrote it before the 15o so we should add something about the 15o.
The good things is that transition day is not an action in the street,  the international meeting during the G20 too but this can be the  demonstration people like Michel are waiting since the 15o 🙂
From 29 to 5 it’s one week exactly, a week against the financial dictatorship with the counter summit in the middle, the anti-banks actions, forums  and occupations against the banking system in Paris, Brussels, London, we can make something great.
Do we have to promote the “package” as a global week against the financial dictatorship?


[22:54] <michele_lisbon>
Yes I think it can be a very interesting week 🙂
I think we can spread the action and leave who is interested free to joint in and maybe the economy groups in Sol, Syntagma, Rossio etc… will start thinking about a more concrete proposal.


[23:00] <niel_athens> as all the other ones 🙂
But a good call it’s better to that, it’s really short to ask to our economic commission to work on it.
In the website they say :”We are world leaders – President Sarkozy of France, Chancellor Merkel of Germany, Prime Minister Zapatero of Spain, among others. We are businesspeople – FSA Chairman Lord Turner, financier George Soros, entrepreneur extraordinary Warren Buffet. We  are economists – Nobel Prize winners Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman,  Earth Institute Director Jeffrey Sachs and 1,000 other economists from across the world. We are 256,000 Facebook friends, and tens of thousands of people taking action around the UK. We are over 115 organisations, including charities like Oxfam, Barnardo’s and Friends of the Earth, all the major trade unions and  faith organisations such as the Salvation Army. We are part of a movement of campaigns in more than 25 countries around the world with millions of supporters.”
So if nobody want to change the call… I will make something between adbuster and the introduction of this website.


– organization of the promotion
[23:04] <niel_athens>
The map of this “global” movement
And we go on a “Global Week Against the Financial Dictatorship” or “Global Week For the Financial Alternatives” ???
Like this tax or the credit union, that can be more interesting the second one, show that this week we will think about alternatives possibles when the 17$ was more to denounce and demonstrate.