Alternative Forum to the G20 on November 1st

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You G20. We G7.000.000.000

A summit for the people

After the success of the 15O we feel it’s time to take a step further,
towards the development of our own political and economic discourse.

That’s why we invite all the “acampadas” “Occupy-somewhere” and

“Squares” that are part of this new citizens’ world movement- to organize a
day of political and economic conferences and debate in each one of

our cities; our own forum parallel to the G20 on November 1st.

In Madrid we are organizing it around three main topics –i.e. tax heavens, debt and

participative democracy- as they are of dramatic relevance to our actual local

We invite you to do the same around topics that you consider urgent and relevant to you.

Call professors, scholars, experts who enjoy sharing their knowledge and who have a vital and propositive approach to problems.

We know very well what we stand against, now it’s time to articulate and bring our own narrative

into the main stage; time for us to say what we stand for and what we propose in order to get out of this unsustainable, uneconomical, nonsensical situation.

Let’s make our word heard through the power of its logic, beauty and justness.

If you want to join the action, please write us an e-mail (, so we can coordinate all the events, publicize them through all our channels, and reach as many people as possible
Here are some of our actions:
– Create a web page of the forums and debates around the globe.
– Stream all the events on real-time.
– Send letters to politicians going to the G20

At the end of the events we shall publicly read a letter addressed to Mr.Sarkozy –see appendix-, host of the G20 and we will “shoot” mails from all over the world to his official address.

Economy Assembly of Sol (Madrid, Spain)

Appendix: Proposal of letter for Sarkozy


In September 2008 you pronounced the famous sentence: “the present
crisis must incite us to refund capitalism”. Three years have gone

past and we haven’t seen the slightest sign of refundation. Quite the opposite.
That’s why now, as host of the G20, we, the G7 billion people of
the world, ask you to be faithful to those words. We urge you to put
at the top of the agenda of your summit the end of bank secrecy and tax heavens

by demanding the immediate automatic exchange of banking information between States.
We are aware that by doing this, you will expose yourself to
unprecedented attacks by corporate powers, but on the other hand, you
will have the support of the 99% of the world population and will
contribute to write the first page of the new era that you envisaged
and promised us three years ago.

We will be watching you from the streets and squares of the world.

The 99%