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Vienna 1.000 people marched through Vienna’s busiest shopping street, with smaller protests around the country. video



About 400 people participated in the demonstration called Real Democracy Now and demanded participatory democracy, social justice, decent life and sustainable development. The meeting took place in the very centre of Prague (Republic Sq.) and was followed with a march to the buildings of the Government, Parliament and President
(Prague Castle). A very broad range of people took part, including those from the civic initiatives SDT (Real Democracy Now!), Alternative from Below, Humanist Movement, No to Military Bases!, For Alternatives, Socialist Solidarity, New Anticapitalist Left, anarchists and individuals from the Communist, Social Democrat and Green parties.
A much bigger demonstration and a march, organized jointly by civic initiatives and trade unions, will be organized in a similar way on the next Saturday, Oct 22nd.


  • GERMANY Around 40.000 people demonstrating in all the country.

Berlin videos photos

The day started with 10.000 people in the street. They took the Bundestag (German parlament) and set up more than 6 tents.
The police remove at first everything they put up like the food stand, but then they went against the people, they evict them in a violent way and the camp/assembly got down.
But the camp was seeting up again.
Also if they were brutally reprimied by the polizei they were one, “ein Volk” all night long, 500 hundred people stayed peacefully in front of the Parliament but the police evicted the people violently (a girl was pepper-sprayed).
The assembly at Brandenburgertor has agreed to meet again on Sunday at 13h at Brandenburgertor and to bring as many tents as possible.
After the assembly peacefully dissolved itself they were all slowly walking to the S-Bahn and the polizei captured one of them. This guy, probably related to occupytogether, had talked in the assembly and had organized a group to go meet right after the dissolution of the assembly to organise for Sunday. He didn’t do anything at all, but the police heard he was organizing and so ran after him and captured him, sequestrated him in the Adlon hotel and then cleared out unter den linden so nobody could film or photograph him coming out of Adlon hotel grabbed by the polizei.
The next day 1000 people was present in the assembly in front of the bundestag in a very cool ambiant, deciding what will be the next steps. They decided to meet the next day in front of the parliament, it looks like the real German movement is being born.

Cologne 3000 gathered


There were 8.000 people in the demonstration, as estimated by the organizers, or 5.000 by the police. They set 10 tents in the Willy Brandt Square, in front of the ECB. They have permission till Wednesday to stay there.

Stuttgart 300 people in “Occupy Börse”. Photos

Hamburg 1.000 people in the demonstration.



Action “Place d’Armes” video



– Bucharest video


In Madrid 500,000 marched and retook la Puerta de Sol, a group of indignados also decided to occupy an abandoned hotel are still there. video1 2
Barcelona 200,000-300,000
Manifestations started from all the neighbourhoods and joined in the centre where the people divided them in three blocks, one occupied the university of Raval where students and teachers organize activities since this day and call to a general strike on Education, an other occupied a block of houses for families in situation of moving, they also organize a lot of activities since this day, and a lost one occupies the Hospital Del Mar. video
Valencia 50,000
Pictures Gallery 1 2 3 Video

– Seville
45,000 video 1 2
– Alicante
– Elche
– Vigo
30,000 video
– Pampalone
– Salamanca
5,000 video
– Andorra
50 video
Malaga video 1 2
– Gibraltar video 1
– Las Palmas de Gran Canaria video
Granada video
– Cuenca Minera video
– Valladolid video



– Varsovia 600-800 people marched video 1 2



– Copenhagen

An estimated 2,000 took part in the Occupy Denmark rally. They started a camp in Rådhuspladsen square.



– Reykjavik

Two protests meetings: One was in front of the parliament building and the other in front of the Reykjavik county courthouse.
Then the meetings at the courthouse joined the meeting at the parliament building. The protest was very peaceful and you cannot see a police officer anywhere. And the protests were peaceful and many made speeches about what is happening and what should be done.


– Lisboa 100,000 people surrounded the parliament. Videos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Porto 15,000
– Coimbra video
– Zürich 1000 people video
– Edinburgh
Activists occupied St Andrew Square in the New Town over the weekend and staged a march through the city centre.
  • UK

Norwich 100 people marched, 20 camped.


They was not allowed into the London stock exchange area (paternoster square) as it is ‘private land’ however the priest of the cathedral has given them permission to stay in front of the iconic St Paul’s cathedral very nearly, which is church land, they also asked to the police witch was blocking all entries to the square to leave and let them in peace.
They were aggressively refusing exit, in fact they were even forcing tourists back in with aggressive verbals.
Clearly the cops were provoking innocent bystanders, a 6 year old had his hair blown back by a policeman shouting straight in the terrified kids face.
More than 3.000 people stayed during the assembly where Julian Assange made an intervention, they were talking about the ocuppation of the square that night.
70-100 tents this first night for 250 people who stayed in cold weather, more arrived the next day and the assembly was in full swing…
The police were besieging the square in a very strong way, making many people leave. video

Photos 1 2 3 4 5 6 7




10 000 people according to the police reports. video





6.500 or 10.000 people in the demonstration if you believe the calculation by the media or the one by the organizers.
14h – Manifestation until the stock market witch was recovered by banners, with a stop in front of the Dexia Bank (bank rescued for second time since the outbusrt of the crisis).
During this time, because of health reasons, the police was evicting the university HBU occupied since the 8 of October for the AgoraBrussels and where was staying the walkers and a lot of international people. Between 3000 and 5000 people was present during the assembly in the Park “Cinquantenaire” where they talked about camping. They wanted to occupy it but the police proposed them to pass the night in the ULB.
Debates, streaming with others cities and a big party was at the program. video
Photos Facebook Album 2 3 4 flickr



Rome More than 200.000 people demonstrating

Peaceful demonstration in the San Giovanni Square till a group of around 500 people with masks decided to throw stones and Molotov cocktails to the buildings and start a violent fight with the police.
Once again something beautiful destroyed by a minority enough stupid to think that violence is effective for building a better world, enough stupid to be unable to think that maybe they are wrong and enough bigheaded to force thousand of people to do something just because you think that is the correct path. Video 1 2 3

– Milan video



– Athens

A big concert was organized in Athens and the square was surrounded despite the bad weather. They organized an inter-neighbourhood assembly the next day and two days of general strike the next week. Photos 1 2 3 4 5


2000 people marched from differents point of the city but a wrong information calling to the support of an other demonstration pro-Bagbo divided the people, after 19h more people join the main concentration where they was 500 until the end of the night. video
Montpellier 200 people

– Grenoble 500 personnes


  • NETHERLANDS Since the 15 of october, some cities as Den Haag, Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht are periodically organising assemblies and actions collaborating between them.


4.000 people in the square. A camp was erected and some people took buses to go to Brussels. Video 1 2



– Dublin
A march on the 15th October, 2011, from the Garden of Remembrance to Occupy Dame Street. Around 1,000 people enacted their right to peaceful assembly and protest. The main speaker is Helena Sheehan, Professor Emerita at DCU. video



Sarajevo video




There was more than 5.000 people in Congress Square. It was a lot of workshops, singing, playing instruments etc. Video 1 2 3 Photo



Saint Petersburg 20 people debating video
Moscow 50 people debating video





60,000-100,000 take to the street video Photos 1 2























Mexico DF Video 1 2 3 4




– Sao Paulo video Photos
– Nova Friburgo
The first city to camp in Brazil, located in the mountain region of Rio de Janeiro. The camp was at the Getulio Vargas Square but sadly a rain storm surprised the activists who had invaded their tents by the flood. video
– Rio das Ostras camp in Central Square, they performed the assembly and held a broadcast. They suffered police repression and was forced to dismantle the camp. The activists left the tent after heavy rain. video
– Rio de Janeiro camp in Copacabana beach (#AcampaRio). The crackdown came only by the metropolitan guard who asked them to take the Anonymous flag of the trees. On sunday the activists made posters and distributed flyers to the people. They occupied the site for more than 24 hours. video
– Niteroi they held a rally, activists made posters and distributed flyers. The protesters also organized a march through the streets near the beach. video
– Cinelândia



– Buenos Aires Video



  • PERU

– Arequipa video



  • U.S.A.
– New York City 25,000 people gathered in Times Square, police used barricades and horses to stop them, 23 arrested. videoPhotos 1 2 3 4 5
– Milwaukee Over 3000 marched in Milwaukee. Abt 100 camping
– San Francisco 5,000 video Photos 1 2 3 4 5 6
– Chicago between 1500 and 2000 at the occupation site. Photo
– Houston 200 marched / 45 camped
– Salt Lake City 150 camped and 200 marched (they feed 400 people per day)
– Kansas City 400 marched
– Austin
2000 marched
– Richmond, VA 250 marched
– Ventura, CA 250 marched, 20 camped
– Las Vegas 1,000 marched, no camp yet photo
– Santa Fe
The campers was evicted, but 400 marchers held a GA at state capitol followed by workshops
– Birmingham 350 marched
– Norfolk, VA
200 marched, 40 camping
– Pensacola
500 marched, 50 camping
– New Orleans 250 marched, 20 camped
– Santa Rosa 4,000 marched, 200 camped
– Ventura 250 marched, 20 camped
– Los Angeles 5,000 marched
– Providence, RI 1,000 marched, 50 camped
– Venice, CA 25 people joined Occupy LA), 10 camped
– Miami, FL 1500 to 2000 marched. About 100 camped. Video
– Philadelphia 150 camped
– DenverPolice took everything and destroyed the camp, including the legal areas on the sidewalk. Many people were arrested, and the police said the park would be closed indefinitely.
Boston: photos videos 1 2 3
– Washington: Photo of Jesse Jackson
– Orlando Video
– Phoenix Video
– Bering Sea photo

– Montreal 5,000 marched, 500 camped video
– Toronto
3,500 marched with a jamming in St. James Park. Toronto Canada. video

Victoria video
– Vancouver video





Johansburg 500 people protested at Central Bank. Video 1 2
– Cap Town video





Young Moroccan militants came to demonstrate against capitalism and for a global democracy. When they were about to finish the preparations in the local of ATTAC / CADTM Morocco, police surrounded the place, stepped inside, struck and arrested militants which were later released. The incident has motivated a statement in which ATTAC / CADTM reported violation of democratic rights in Morocco. This was not the only repressive measures. Around 16:30 pm about thirty artivists dressed as clowns were beaten by the thugs of the Makhzen (State), led by Amine Elbardoudi, leader of the royalist youth anti-20F and founder of the armed unit ‘Allah, Nation, King’, according to ‘‘. Also a demonstration organized by the February 20 movement outside parliament was repressed with brutality in Rabat.




Activists from the protest camp in Kyriat Shmona in Israel made a message of peace and justice to the Syrian brave protests. video

Tel Aviv

1500 people went to the square, there were about 600 in the General Assembly. video





Around 1000 people demonstrated.


Tokyo Hundreds people in the Mikawadai Park in the Tokyo entertainment district of Roppongi. Photos 1 2 3 4 5 6 Videos 1 2 3 4


About 200 people gathered at the Exchange Square Podium in the central shopping and business district. Video 1 2 3 Photos 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9





Several hundred demonstrators sat mostly quietly outside the Taipei World Financial Centre. Photos 1 Video: 1 2





600 converged on the city hall after changing the location of the protest as police banned the rally today, Yonhap News reported. They urged rules for speculative investments and demanded lower college tuition. Photo Video




Manila Photo Video





Around 600 people in the demonstration, and 100 planned to stay overnight in the Post Office Square.

Sidney 2000 people gather and set up an occupation at Martin Place photo video

Melbourne Around 1000 people attend a march and hundred occupy a place in city square. Photos 1 2 3 4 5 6




Around 3.000 people demonstrating. A dozen tents set in Aotea Square. The police presence was minimal. video 1

Wellington Photos 1 2 3