48Hours Global Assembly on Financial Alternatives – Call to all the squares on Nov 5-6

During the European Summit of the last week in Brussels, our “leaders” officially proved that they have no ideas on financial alternatives when the goal of this meeting was to try to save one more time the banksters with the money of the european populations.
During this week emerged from the squares a Global week for financial alternatives, starting with the “Global march for the RobinHood Tax, continuing with the “People First, Not Finance!” Forum face to the G20, supported by several cities organizing forums on financial alternatives and anti-banks actions, and concluding the week with a direct kick on the bankers elites promoting the Transition Day. More info
From the global “Squares” network we was thinking about how to make this global brainstorming on financial issues efficient for the future and for all the squares around the world. We opted to the 48Hours virtual assembly witch we tried with a big success before the 15 of October and witch permit to a maximum of people to connect around the world


This is a call for everybody as an assembly, a working group or a single indivual to join the 48Hours virtual assembly on November 5-6 and share ideas an proposals about financial alternatives. We also encourage you to invite the people that you know, interested or experts on this topics.
We are creating a global movement to change the world, so people takes back the capacity for decision.
After October 15th we think that the time for that has arrived so we intend to promote global virtual brainstorming for a global change.
What are your expectations from the global movement?
What are you working in your group, assembly, country, about financial alternatives?
Well its a good opportunity to meet people who works on the same issues and to share and debate propositions in this global reflection.
The retranscription of this 48Hours will offers to the world the first global statement on financial alternatives.
What do we’ll do with this text? Only you can decide it because we are not for the global democracy but for local democracies and sovereignties all around the world.


How can you join this 48Hours assembly?
We have opened several channels, you can use any of them, all of them, as you wish, as you like.
Writing down your main ideas or propositions in the PAD
To put in common all our ideas and actions you can write them down in the collaborative PAD
You can also put comments down to this PAD or chat but we have a better option for this:
WebChat at freenode
Web chat is a written chat and its great for make debates, you can have it open during this 48H and follow it from time to time. This chat is the same as using any IRC client you just have to connect to webchat.freenode.net
Change the default name to yourname_yourcity  and enter in #globalassembly
We invite all of you to take care about the moderation asking for a turn before to speak, you can also find more informations about virtual moderation.
You can also open a new channel, for example for your assembly with people who majorly speak chinese, changing the name of the channel (i.e #globalassembly/ch)
But please collaborate in the translation and the transcription in the PAD, this works for anyone who want to be sure that his proposal will appear on the final document.
Mumble as voice conference chat
Mumble enables you to hear people and chat with them (with laptop and android), this time you have to install a software and configure the  sound and you can join the conversation whenever you like.
For setting up mumble please follow the instructions.
Data needed to connect:
Label: Takethesquare (for example, it must be a name that gives you a clue to which server are you connecting to)
Server: tomalaplaza.net
Port: 64738
Username: name_country (we recommend that you put your name followed by country)
Once you have connected to the server please join channel #globalassembly, since that is the international channel


We hope that you will enjoy the visit, meet people interesting, make new contacts and collaborate with your ideas to the global change.