Call and Program for the “People First, Not Finance!” Forum in Nice

DOWNLOAD the English version of the program.

When 99 % of the population realizes that it has the right to refuse to be governed and exploited by the remaining 1 percent. When it realizes that by uniting, another globalization is possible other than the one imposed by the same 1 percent… Then the 99 % will decide to get up and fight for their freedom.

The demonstration of 15.O / 15th October, in its divergency and conjunction, means much more than simple exasperation. Humanity is no more and no less globalized than before. With ideas and the tools needed to act glocal, it is a massive change from the obsolescent democratique infrastructures in place. In reappropriating the physical and virtual forums, we will be capable of appreciating again what our common goals are. 15M > OccupyWallStreet > G99. Three movements which are the foundations of this opening sequence we are contributing to develop, with an essential creativity and responsibility.

The 15.O was not an end in itself. The 15.O was only a step. The process is bigger, wider and even more (r)evolutionary. What counts is the path we are taking and not the destination. The steps will continue, and we shall be active on every one of them.

In a few days, at the beginning of November, the Group of the worlds 20 wealthiest countries will meet and struggle to decide on the future of humanity grouped together in 194 countries. Democracy fails us as it has done for too long.

Through Uncut actions, indignants from the G99% will invite themselves to the G20, from the 31/10 to the 4/11… there is no question of either short-circuiting the call of decentralized actions that we all support , nor against the summit set up by the Altermob coalition. It is more a question of taking advantage of a major media event to promote these actions, while most of the media will be occupied elsewhere and unable to follow them. It is a question of aiming the spotlights on the real changes which occur nowadays. It is also a question of relaying the Uncut action which will start in Paris on the same day Cannes will close its G20.

The G20 will be the occasion to show our powerful governing authorities that their voice will not be the only one to be heard. On the spot it will be a bit like Tom Thumb against Godzilla but we will take up the challenge and invite you to join us in Cannes from October 31st till November 4th 2011 to shout out loud and clear that we are the G99 %, we are everywhere and their G20 is in fact far more dangerous than us!

Join us in Cannes: the Quest for Freedom is addictive and contagious!

This life is yours,
The debate belongs to us,
We will (shall) never give up….