#lacaixaolavida: Iaioflautas (elder activist) occupied a bank this morning in Badalona

Decembrer, the first 2011.

This morning, twenty grandparents called “liaioflautas” occupied the bank office number 3068 of “la Caixa” located in Marques street, Badalona, a city close to Barcelona. The action took place under the theme #lacaixaolavida (the bank or the life).

Thus they continue with the campaign of occupations of financial institutions that began on Oct. 27 with the occupation of a branch of Banco Santander in Barcelona. With these actions, they report that a powerful and unscrupulous minority, the financial oligarchy, is crushing the lives of 99%. Our health centers closed, leaving thousands of homeless families.

Solidarity with the struggle of #CAPMarina in Hospitalet, the companions of @habitatge18n were evicted yesterday and support to @edifici150 to continue setting an example of dignity!