Welcome to Legal Team International group from 15M movement

Given the experience gained both in the various camped that have taken place at inter-state and international levels, as in the internal marches, the march which was to Brussels, and the actual that going up to Ithaca as well as in the international meeting in Nice, this working group has become international, to give response and legal cover to emerging needs that there happen in the itinerary and in the actions of the movement.

The work developed by this group has focused on carrying out a proactive action so most defense cases and complaints about infringement on the exercise of individual rights and public of the persons of the movement , as well as multilingual writing of the local and international law to inform of the local legal universe in which are put into practice the rights of protesters, for the purpose that they not only be known it but also to know how to act during a manifestation or during the different arrest situations, such as administrative.
Currently we are working on more pending tasks that are still on the table of the group, what we want convene more entities and indignant lawyers that want to join this group Legal Team International.
This group will aim to coordinate, articulate and develop strategies both defense and legal contingency plans, as well as pro-active legal advice to the followers of the movement , both nationally and internationally, as well as to support and give legal cover for actions Generally, that will be put in shape and run as an initiative agreed at assemblies of the movement to national and international level (which since the collective intelligence, serve to show various protest procedure for change of states of affairs that happen to us).
At the same time, it aims to develop a working agenda between every participants of this platform-group, both in areas of civil law, commercial and criminal law, Human Rights, Peace and International politics and so on, whose products, works or proposals made and written can also publish through this medium and socialize with every members of the movement.
To contribute to increased formation of the citizens in legal matters, will be informative workshops on various topics of right and will be provided a data bank with right manuals of the citizens to walk and of the protester by countries.

Thus, be want  to help to the movement with the pick up of the capacities and to strengthen it between everybody
¡¡¡ together we can more¡¡¡ salud, indignant¡¡¡

Facebook page: Legal-Team-International