Geneva’s Executive Council negociate with Occupy the restructuring of the camp

Past Wednesday we received a member of the Geneva’s Executive Council (Rémy Pagani) at our General Assembly.

He came to talk about the restructuring of the camp that we had decided during our GA of past Monday. He’s moving forward to give us a legal permit to stay indefinately in the Parc des Bastions where we are now.
Our spot is the most famous park in Geneva and is right at the heart of the city.

This is the result of one and a half month of negociations that our “negociations group” has had with the Executive Council of the city.

The city mayor (who is the current representative of the executive council) tried to evict us the same day (Wednasday) but has failed to obtain a majority at the council’s meeting which has resulted in him
“dropping our case”.

This is certainly the biggest defeat of the city mayor since in this position.

Arkan, member of Occupy Geneva International Commission, Negociations team and Communications team.