Revolts going on all around Russia – Report from Moscow

[UPDATE]  Maksim Batsun from Moscow occupy assembly has been arrested today, he is in Ramenki police station in Moscow.


There is a lot of revolt going on right now in Moscow, St.Petersburg  and other Russian cities. Its difficult to tell about it because even the russian media are not informing too much.

Yesterday, 5th december, in the afternoon more than ten thousand people took to the streets demanding the illegitimacy of the elections. More than 300 people have been arrested, among them certain leaders from Russian opposition that have not obtained parliamentary representation. In St. Peterburg more than 100 people have been arrested. Lawyers are not admitted in the police stations.

Today more demonstrations are being set for this evening in many cities in Russia but people are already in the streets since 15h (in Moscow). People is being arrested, police is everywhere and the government putted the army in the street. Today at 19h there was another call. People are doing the calls through the social networks, twitter, etc.
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It is been said that soldiers are being prepared in the headquarters outside Moscow. I’ll keep informing you. It is very important that news spread through social networks, a wide dissemenation of what is happening is needed. I’ll send another report during the evening.

Thank you very much.