Message from Occupy Marseilles’ 10D Camp

After a march from the City Hall to the Cours Julien about 200 protesters joined there for a brief assembly, then the camp started to be set up, under the watchful of the police.
Around 6 pm it was time for brasilian music played in live by a Batucada, and some people passing there reached the camp, all around the fountain where the camp was set up.

At 9 pm about 20 police vans reached near the camp. The police first ordered the outraged people to leave the place and then they began to charge. The outraged people has made a tortle as a way to resist pacifically. They have been evacuated one by one from the fountain.
The outraged people taken off the fountain by the police stayed on the square. They are still about 100.
Momentarily, the situation has been inversed : the indignants, out from the fountain, pacifically surrounded the police, singing.
Once the outraged people evacuated, as a way to end their job, the police throw all the stuff of the camp in a dustcart and prevent everyone to recover it. Goodbye banners, signs, cooking stuff, food, blankets, and so on…

Around 11:30 pm the police came back to the charge, using tear gas and taking away people occupying this place out from the Cours Julien and blocking all the streets of the neighborhood.
A man remained unconcious on the ground and a young woman received tear gas in her mouth.

Despite these unfortunate acts, our companions are still resisting.