The German reparations and Greece’s entry into the Euro … or else ‘the missing pieces of the puzzle were lying under the carpet’

Speaking with a friend in Washington today I was able to fill in the missing pieces and see the big picture. Through my conversation with Heleni Yioka, a Greek American, a scientist, one of the Greek minds that found fertile soil away from their land, like so many others, I was able to answer many questions that had been bugging me for a long time, like the hidden meaning behind the statement made by Ms. Psarouda-Benaki who was the Chairperson of the Greek Parliament at the time, during the inauguration of
Mr. Papoulias, as President of the Hellenic Republic in 2005 -a statement that was completely ignored by the media, or the incredible story of Greece’s accession to the Eurozone, with the falsification of financial data and all that that entailed -what was the reason for this to happen.

But, let us take it from the start.
The story begins with the end of the WWII, which found Germany to be the biggest loser and Greece as one of the most affected ones. During the war, but particularly through the German occupation, Greece lost 13% of its population as a direct result of Nazi atrocities, where thousands were massacred, whole villages wiped out within minutes as
retaliation for the actions of the Greek guerrilla resistance. But countless people also perished, especially in cities, due to hunger and hardships they suffered because of the unbearable ‘occupation loan’ which forced all of Greece’s resources into the German stomachs … leaving the Greeks actually dying by the hundreds on a daily basis.

The end of the war brought about the issue of war crimes committed by the occupational forces and of course it opened up the chapter of reparations to those affected. A long and tragic story this is, of the Greek claims. And look how this play with words works… these reparations through the treaties of Paris in ’40, London in ’53, and Moscow in ’90 are not contestable, but due, and payable immediately!

In simple words what this means is that we do not need to do something to claim them, no need to prove anything, we simply have to demand that they get paid!

Why has this not happened so far you ask? Alas, I shall deny you the flagrantly conspicuous and regrettable answer -as one is capable of drawing one’s own conclusions.

The Treaty of London gave Germany a second chance as although it was made clear that affected countries can put forward claims against it, nevertheless as it too was coming out of the war injured and dismembered, and in need to reconstruct itself, it was granted some leeway until it would become a unified entity once again.

… Fast forward to 1989, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany. Follows the Treaty of Moscow in 1990 where the newly-reunited Germany, asks for some more time the appropriation called “2 + 4” ie ’90, ’91 plus four we now arrive at 1995! From then on the Greek governments(s) had every right to demand payment of reparations in full.
To give you an idea of what is at stake here, let me point out that according to the highly pessimistic scenarios we are talking of several hundred billion euros, while according to the optimistic estimates -supported by many prominent connoisseurs on the subject, the amount is near 1,5 TRILLION euros -yes you read it right. There are many, even within Germany supporting the view that Germany’s postwar economic development would not have happened had they paid these reparations in full upon the end of the war.

And now let us come to another very legitimate question; why was it so important for the small Balkan- in size and standards, Greek economy, accounting for only 2% of the EU to enter the currency of the strong and mighty at its launch. Also bear in mind we are a country where those that collaborated with the enemy suffered no prosecution, and that our ‘king’ that got reinstated after the war was of Germanic origin….

The Simitis government that took over in 1995, not only made no real attempt to claim reparations but it committed an even worse crime -that of locking the currency rate with the Euro. Hasn’t anyone wondered how ever did we end up with that famous 347.5 drachmas to a euro? The strong currency of the era and the area was the German Mark and the exchange rate with this was set at about 172 drachmas, yet the Drachma-Euro lock was at double that amount which automatically brought a devaluation of our economy
by about 50% -not to mention the infamous, by now, case of cooking up the data with the help of Goldman Sacks to be able to enter the Euro…

To what did we owe such persistence? Before all of this took place, in the Schengen Treaty paving the way for monetary union it was stated that member states brought into the common currency would have to give up their monetary sovereignty by assigning part of its powers to the central European headquarters, and Article 50 of the Numismatic Union Treaty states that all Member States shall, in good faith, *waive any claims they may have against other Member States within the Eurozone*. … Perhaps now the
picture is beginning to clear up?

Another thing specified in the Agreement for monetary union is that although no Member State can be expelled from the Eurozone, all members reserve the right to withdraw from it. In this eventuality, its monetary sovereignty gets restored, but the ECB should also return to the said country all that it had given away to enter -things like gold, securities, etc. It does not stop here however! Now, hold on now, the Member State leaving the Eurozone has the right to seek liability compensation for damages incurred during its stay in the monetary union! You understand what this means?? We are not the ones that will be harmed by our departure from the Euro-IT IS THEM THAT WILL BE DESTROYED!!

And here, of course, enter the ‘HOLLIER-THAN-THOU’ yet loan-laden Greek MEDIA (Mass Entertainment Deception Incorporated Alliance), who in obedience to their masters have for so long been using abysmal intimidation tactics scaring the people with horror scenarios of our return to the drachma -as if before the Euro there was no life, as if there was no Greece or economic activity or that all countries outside the Euro zone or the dollar are doomed to nothingness.

As if all the above were not enough -and perhaps as proof that our political system in its entirety is “somewhat compromised” comes the date of June 26, 2011. For most of us this was just another ordinary day in the calendar of insanity we are living in lately. But it was a very important day for the EU … So, according to the Lisbon Treaty, somewhere in the fine print you’ll find the reference, on that day all the member states that signed it ceded part of their sovereignty to the central power of Brussels -hence the Psarouda-Benaki statement during the inauguration of Mr. Papoulias in 2005 that “*he is assuming the presidency at difficult times, times whereby we will be forced to accept reduced borders and national sovereignty for the overall benefit of the many*” -a statement which both the media and the politicians gave a sufficient burial to!
Which brings us to the celebrated Kallikrates scheme -one of Mind-the-GAP-Papandreou’s first movements as soon as he seized power. With Kallikrates the country is divided into 13 smaller groups, like the city-states of former times. But this also means that the concept of a nation-state as a united, independent entity is now being destroyed. Even
if we were to claim the German reparations we would no longer be able to do so as a nation-state against another nation-state as we now are a federation of cantons!

The only way that can once again become a nation-state, regain our national sovereignty and immunity and to demand the German reparations is … to leave the Eurozone, but *do it on our own terms*! If we let our rulers, under the new, unconstitutional, dictatorial government, led by a member of the *Trilateral Commission*, to guide us toward a ‘soft’ Euro then all these disaster-scenarios the media are feeding us will materialize, and they will surface as prophets!
It’s time to see the truth, to expose the great conspiracy and take the brave decision. To realize that: