11-18 of January – International Agora of Rome

During the week of 11 to 18 January, the international people’s March, which left from Nice, will arrive in Rome: walkers from France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Greece marching together to bring their support to all peoples in struggle, and to bring about a convergence of all their concerns at an international level. Along its way, the march contributed in setting up popular assemblies, with the liberation of speech as its paramount ambition, to properly reclaim the political realm through encounters, exchanges of stories and interrogations, and to spark individual and collective reflection, so that alternatives may emerge to the dead-end of Capitalism.

This meeting is the result of a historic revolutionary situation, which is unprecedented in its worldwide character. What unites us is the endeavour to understand the causes of this dramatic situation and the uncertain future towards which it leads us, as well as the common effort to realise meaningful change in society and achieve a true shift in social consciousness.
The purpose of this meeting is the coordination of this fledging global revolutionary movement, through the formation of a network which would allow us to build a society that prioritises life over economic or political concerns.
We strive for the erection of a direct democracy, founded on the principle of horizontality, and destined to counter the power of decision of so-called ‘representative democracy,’ which is ultimately ruled by the power of globalised financial speculation.
All this ineluctably rests on a new perception of space and time, and especially the reclaiming of public space as a place for common existence, permanent dialogue, artistic creativity and freedom of speech, a space self-managed and respectful of Mother Nature.
Our approach is pacific, but firm and determined. We urge for civil disobedience, basing our actions not on their legality or illegality, but rather upon concerns of legitimacy or illegitimacy.

This week of agora will see the streets of the capital swarmed with debates and proposals, with multiple thematic fora, street actions, performances, cultural activities, working groups, touring assemblies and laboratories.

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