Barcelona 28D We have lost the innocence!

This December 28th, the day of the innocent, we no longer believe the lies of politicians. Therefore, under the slogan “We’ve lost the innocence!” We have convened several indignant actions taking place throughout the day: morning, there will be performances and decentralized actions in neighborhoods, and there will be a puppets workshop in Plaza Catalunya at 7pm.

Politicians, bankers and other unsavory people think they can fool us, but …

We have lost the innocence!

Therefore, the 28D, from assemblies to action groups we will performance from the morning  what is obvious, expose their lies.

We will use public transportation to hang puppets and do performances, conveying our loss of  innocence and calling for joint action in the streets.

We will meet in the afternoon in the streets to bring and make puppets of all sizes, making a beautiful instalation between everybody. Because we are not innocent and no longer believe their lies!

December 28th, we lost our innocence, all at 7pm in Barcelona: Plaza Catalunya

From International Commission of Barcelona