Russian protesters demands

To support the declaration of the meeting of Bolótnaya Square last december 10th, we demand:
1. Immediate release of all political prisoners, supression of articles 280 and 282 of Penal Code of the Russian Federation and dissolution of the structures responsibles for the political repression in Russia.
2. Resignation of colonel  Vladímir Putin, political responsible for the election fraud fot the State Duma (House of Representatives) las December 4th, 2011.
3. To declare null and void the results of the elections to State Duma.
4. Dissolution of current Electoral Comission, trial for all people involved in the elections fraud.
5. Establishing notification procceedings for the registration of political parties, organizations and unions for all existing political organizations and the possibility of creating parties on the basis of on these electoral blocks.
6. Once all political parties are registered – call to open, fair and free election for the State Duma of Russian Federation.
7. In order to call for free elections: Para la celebración de elecciones libres: to put an end to the political censorship on the media; to offer equal opportunities to all political organizations, and revoke all rules and regulations which restrict the article 31 of the Russian Constitution.