Launch of the international day of January 14th

January 14th will take place an international day of indignant. This day will mark 2 big events:

The middle-week of an international Agora made in Rome, to arrive of the second international walking of indignant <>, left on November 9th, 2011 of Nice at the end of the last G20 summit.

One of symbol of Rome is the colosseum, the mythical place where were put in test the slaves of the people. The governments set up by the representative vote are the slaves of the people, because they are [supposed to be] in the service of the people. They failed for a long time in the mission which was given to them.

This day will also mark the birthday of the end of Ben Ali’s reign, first dictator fallen in this international movement of revolution which we are living.

It is in this lineage that is thrown a great trial against all the murderers, the thieves and corrupted of this world which we denounce in the 1 %.

It’s high time to denounce clearly names, actions of those whom we accuse for months. In this symbolic date, they will be judged by international court of indignad and crossed in the guillotine!

It is the strong act which will allow to give some credibility to the movement by creating files and so visibility to the persons who do not know these files!

It is only the beginning of the process which will bring the implementation of a real democracy!
It’s the time to judge them !

A wiki exist to make files on these criminals, murderers, thieves and corrupted ! Everybody can add files or complete them (Monsanto, Mc Do, the pharmaceutical and other industry)! To add or complete a file :

January 14th, walking can be thrown to join in the local big cities where the trials, based on files created on the wiki, will take place!

Thank you for making the message turn in the largest number. A facebook group <> exists, and a event is launched <>.