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The foundation of what is to be created is an integration between human systems and tech systems and therefore just creating a tech team is not enough, we need an entire global organization that facilitates the full spectrum of human activity and its integration with technological applications, web presences and collaboration between innovative tools.

Meeting Details for the Global English Language Assembly:

Time: Saturday January 7th, 2012 at 11am PST 2pm EST (7pm UTC)
Online Location: Mumble Take the Square Server
Room: GlobalAssembly
(more information about Mumble and tech support is at the bottom of the email)
Link to Agenda & Minutes
For Scheduling future Global Fluent-English Language Assembly meetings
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Temporary Email List:
This is for the overall Global English-Language Assembly

Mail sent as invitation to join mumble conference

Towards the end of the Friday Call, we agreed to Set an additional
Global meeting for this Saturday at 11am PST 2pm EST (all the times
for the world are listed at the end of this email),  Feel free to
invite anyone and everyone who you would like, as this meeting could
be the most important Global meeting that has happened yet.
Additionally it also is important to note that because we want to
create a Human Systems Integration with Technology, we can invite
people who don’t want anything to do with Technology systems this
meetings because it is going to be about EVERYTHING. This link has all
the info:

Overall what I am recommending is to having this meeting as a neutral
space, for all projects, organizations, and movements,  where everyone
comes as equals and to define the group and the structure of the
organization by the language that is used.  So what I call it is the
Global Fluent English Language Assembly.  So I strongly encourage you
all to be comfortable with leaving names and projects out of the
initial introduction of this group to the world, and instead propose
names, when needed within the workgroups and to the larger group in
future meetings as part of the participatory decision-making process.

It is also important to note that there is an additional English
Language Tech Meeting happening one hour later at the same time, on
the London Occupy group server. I have talked to some people involved
with them, and it seems to be focused just on tech and there doesn’t
seem to be any detailed agenda I can find, and could get no
confirmation that it was a global group or not, so I don’t think
combining them is going to be useful, so instead we need to make sure
there is interaction between the two simultaneously, and afterwords.

All the information and Agendas are bellow.  Please make comments and
suggestions, everything is DRAFT.  We are also still looking for
possible Facilitators, Note Takes, and Translators.
Many thanks for all of your work and collaboration, and I hope that
this meeting can be a foundation for building on for the rest of the