#AgoraRoma International Communicate Part.3 – Brainstorming about Global Strike

March to Palestine preparatory Assembly
Yesterday, 16/01/2012 Agora Rome began at 10hrs a preparatory meeting of the march to Jerusalem. They debated at length the needs, objectives and difficulties of this march.
It is essential to build and strengthen a network of communication and coordination at international level. The network should be formed by assemblies and human rights organizations working on the principles of horizontality, nonpartisanship and nonviolence.
In parallel, begin a process of knowledge between people who intend to participate in this march and joint reflection on the conflict.
No possible dates have been closed, but were talk about the routes of several possibilities: one of them would begin on Tunisia and go through spring Arab countries (Tunisia, Libya, Egypt). Another possibility would be to continue from Athens. Was also discussed the two previous proposals are developed in parallel.
In Agora Rome will be a statement to invite multiple assemblies and working groupsfor this project. It was also agreed that more aspects will be specified in Agora Athens.
Assembly about functional diversity and economic crisis
From 15:30 hrs. there was a thematic meeting on functional diversity, framed in the context of the current economic crisis has severely beaten people with serious illnesses, incurring severe cuts in public assistance.
The meeting was introduced by members of the commission ”special people” of the assembly of Rome fighting for the active participation of less skilled people and their families. They try to achieve practical goals and other long term to eliminate the inequality between those who have physical and mental discomfort and people who care for them. The objectives were to family members early retirement, insure their workers properly and eliminate speculation in the health sector, and done so that disabled people can control the same services that we offer.
The most shared point of view that the crisis is hitting hardest those unproductive, do not consider them as human beings but are subject to the laws of the market, which is typical of the capitalist system. The solution has to come from the community, not  to enclose these people is necessary to create a connection and collaboration not only between those who live the same problems but also with the rest of society.
Assembly of international coordination
During the assembly of international coordination was debated different proposals or possible ideas to give substance or face the two actions agreed: Global Day of Action 12M and 15M Global Strike (Proposal). Among these have been mentioned:
– Possibility of convening (with or without unions majority) an indefinite general strike at the international level inspired by the French 2010 strike: with ‘Strike houses’, ‘Strike Funds’, ‘Coordination and Rotation’ of strikes and direct actions…
Was exposed different modes of strike which can be combined like the Japanese strike (overproduction), Mexican strike (to occupy the jobs and to reverse the benefit to the worker / civil society (movement?)), Argentina example (reappropriation of abandoned factories for enjoyment of the people without work who want to take forward the self-management community work projects)…
It’s important to introduce our methodology to a maximum of sector of the population: non-stop protest, occupation, assembly…
– Possibility of the day of ’generous consumption’ basing it on that ’overconsumption’ with the idea of giving away or donate to people in need.

Open spaces in the town to the people, places of work / food / accommodation, rest, entertainment in exchange for working a little to the movement
It is proposed that people think about the concept of ‘greed’ which is the basis of the system in the face of 12M and above all on people who remain outside the system.
We will start to think about an efficient global consummation strike.
– Contact through the local nodes, with producers of raw materials and manufacturing (farmers, craftsmen … etc) and coordinate social markets (Squares?) based on fiscal disobedience gradually causing the disappearance of intermediaries (distribution channels) that are ultimately based on capital gains generated by redistribution rather than production. Back to encampment in order to exhibit the alternative model, show the method to other groups assemblies, and making use of space especially for education. Reoccupy abandoned villages like in Spain or in Greece.
General Assembly
The General Assembly proposed three points in the agenda. Valuation of  the Agora Rome, decide about the invitation to a TV set and open mic. The first consensus AG was to begin with the invitation to the tv by the proximity of the response. That same night. After a long debate about media manipulation, the representativeness of the participants in the program, the relationship between movement and the media, it was decided by consensus to invite the television to the encampment to perform the program from the square.
The media group transmitted the consensus of the AG and the editorial team of the TV show has rejected our proposal.
The General Assembly continued with an assessment of what has made AgoraRome to this day.
Were discussed the actions  in the Vatican and during the carnival in a critical way and at different levels: media impact, compliance with the consensus agreed about how to perform actions, as well as how to act in case of confrontation and police violence.
Was said the importance of individual responsibility  in the community both as an action level of participation in the assembly and its political significance. They discussed whether they are legitimate individual actions that are generated outside the consensus of the assembly. Some argued that they are always positive, and others said they are positive as long as these measures are implemented with a sense of responsibility and harmony with the community.
This debate led to a reflection about the meaning of the camp and the assembly as an action and visibility.To conclude this discussion, it was proposed to hold a journey to discuss monograph to go deeper into these issues and create a working group ‘memory of the Agora Rome’. The purpose of this group is to collect the whole of experiences generated by the Agora.