#AgoraRoma International Communicate part.4

Assembly on civil disobedience
During this meeting be has explained the concept and possible uses, making it clear that the limit of this non-violent tool is our own imagination. It is recalled that within the movement there are many examples of civil disobedience. The re-appropriating of public spaces through Camp or demonstrations without permits, not to pay the fare of public transport, etc.
They have exchanged the different personal experiences about civil experience, from this exchange of experiences and proposals arise points to consider:
  • Must be well organized and if it is possible it be supported by a large group
  • It must have integral support of legal teams for to know the legal risks that are assumed.
  • Proposal for September, aimed at ensuring free access to education. The strategy is to call a strike to stop education where there are not lectures in schools (strike) but there are lectures in the squares (civil disobedience). For this project is key, preparation, have the confidence and support of the educational community (teachers, students, apas, etc.) and supported by a legal team
  •  The previous proposal was well received, and be considers that it will be  started by neighborhood in the city of Perugia. It raises a strong political pressure before that the law of the cuts will be passed in June. He must have created a network of affinity and exert all possible, before upon the decision of civil disobedience.
  • There is talk of spirituality, respect for Pachamama, and the importance of education within the family,, because the daughters and sons tend to repeat what they learned from their parents.
  • Rome Assembly, proposes 3 possible actions
  • Close the bank accounts or transfer this money to social banking. According to several experts consulted, with 10% of people who support this action be could destabilize the Italian financial system.
  • Actions of fiscal disobedience, stop paying taxes and redistribute them in local assemblies and / or social projects. Accompanying the already worked actions in OccupyWallStreet, and Barcelona from the group of civil disobedience. More information about Barcelona in www.derechoalarebelion.net
  • General global  strike led to all costs, undefined and wild until our institutions comply with our demands.
  •  Proposed civil disobedience actions aimed at  distribution of benefits to the worker / civil society and not to the privileged
  •   Be talk ‘zeitgeist’ of the U.S. a movement where people produce various goods, food and other goods, based on volunteers that are then distributed free to people who are part of it. More information on Youtube.
General Assembly
Tomorrow the Agora Roma ends and began the dismantling of the camp. Few days are necessary to rearrange the departure of the march, and this has been reported to the police.
There was a discussion about removing or not the encampment, but eventually was decided to move after the march meeting tomorrow.
After reviewing the accounts, there is a surplus of Agora Rome, 23.60euro, it was decided to donate this money to the march.
Tomorrow at 13.30 hrs there is a direct action programmed about Goldman Sachs.
The next point was the balance of the Agora week. The discussion opens with a negative balance due to several aspects.Since the lack of people to the realities of the origins, low participation and political reflection.
Instead, many have noted the positive nature of this international meeting. It has highlighted the ability to get great results with limited resources. Is recalled the fundamental role of the march,and defined the Agora, as a starting point, not an arrival. 5 activists will stay a few days in Rome to facilitate the evolution ofthe local movement, with the idea of retaining the name ‘AgoraRome’.
A representative of the national taxi movement has arrived in the assembly to invite to the national demonstration tomorrow at 10hrs in Circo Massimo.
The last point relates to communication. Is reported to have called a press conference at 15hrs in the camp. Prior to this conference, the media group to prepare the conference and explain to the encampment the strategy to reporters.
It also offers camping the chance to share their personal experiences in the Agora in the radio program .- Global Change.
Don’t forget, all the official videos on pueblotv.blogspot.com