1st National Meeting of Popular Assemblies in Coimbra, Portugal

On January 14th 2012, activists, integrated or not in several Popular Assemblies and other groups, gathered for the First National Meeting of Popular Assemblies to share experiences and debate ideas and ways of intervention in the Portuguese society.
The will to reinforce communication and cooperation among these groups resulted from this meeting.
Those present in the meeting were consensual regarding the participation in an international mobilization that will take place on May 12th.
This proposal will be discussed within the several Popular Assemblies and groups, as well as within other groups that may be willing to join the mobilization.
As a conclusion, there were appeals to:
– the creation of new Popular Assemblies,
– the self-organization of the population and
– the setting of new Meetings.
Photo report on CNN
Gallery of pictures
– Videos of the meeting 1 & 2

Peace & Revolution!
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