CASX, a project to start up a self-managed, assemblearian, financial cooperative in Barcelona

CASX (Cooperativa d’Autofinançament Social en Xarxa) is a project to start up a self-managed, assemblearian, financial cooperative.

Such proposal was formulated in the economic commission of #acampadaBCN (from the 15M movement) and subsequently ratified in the general assembly of Plaça Catalunya on June the 3rd, 2011 ( This proposal was taken up again the 7th of August 2011, in the framework of the self-management workshop promoted by Cooperativa Integral Catalana in Calafou, and since then, several people have met together in seven further occasions (8 meetings in total), in order to develop the proposal that we are now presenting to you.

Below these lines you will find a draft of the CASX triptych and here you are a link to read the full text of the proposal:

The group promoting the CASX invites you all to participate in the constituent assembly of the cooperative, being held next Saturday 21st of January from 5 to 9pm at Agora Catalunya (Plaça Catalunya 9, 4º 2ª, Barcelona). See below the agenda for the constituent assembly:

5 – 6:30pm: Presentation, queries, legal aspects regarding the constitution of the cooperative, similarities and differences with other ethical financial alternatives, such as Fiare or Coop57 and presentation of proposed commissions.

6:30 – 7pm: Break, informal meeting and those interested in participating in the project may join any of the proposed commissions.

7 – 8pm: Organization, schedule, periodicity of assemblies (general assembly and those of the commissions), work dynamics from here forth (depending on the number of participants, this item will be discussed in plenary or within each commission)

8 – 9pm: Work in groups (according to proposed commissions) and wrap-up.

9pm: Agreement on the time and place for the next meeting.

These are the proposed commissions and their tasks:

– GT acollida, socis i difusió: recruitment of new members, managing registrations and cancellations and membership fees…

– GT gestió econòmica i juridica: managing bank accounts, deposits, taxes and other fiscal issues, relations with the administration (revenue & customs, registry of cooperatives, etc.)

– GT coordinació, extensió i comunicació: arranging assemblies, IT department, promoting the development of new local groups…

– GT projectes: study and evaluation of projects feasibility (both ethical and economical), development of reports to be presented at the general assembly…

– GT oficina reducció de despeses: initially as part of the coordination commission.

The following means of contact are available:

Web: (still under construction)



Mailing list: Follow this link in order to subscribe: