Greeting to all the Squares and Peoples of Earth For 2012 from Syntagma Square

From the birthplace of Direct Democracy, we, the People’s Assembly of Syntagma Square, send a greeting and a message of rebirth, solidarity and love to all the people.

The dominant economic and political system have turned democracy into a hoax that only covers the thirst for money and power of a handful of antisocial individuals – leading to the contamination of the social web and the destruction of societies.

Today, the worst crimes against humanity are being conducted in the name of democracy.

The time has come to turn the page and move to a new phase of history in which shall prevail:
• Work for all as a means of creation and contribution, instead of enslavement and salaried exploitation.
• Social empathy and solidarity, instead of charity and mercy.
• Respect for each person and for nature, instead of their disdain and destruction.
• Collective procedures that maintain individuality, rather than representation and privatization.

Direct Democracy ensures the above by:

1. Everyone’s participation in shaping society’s progress through Assemblies in the places of work, study and residence.
2. Everyone’s participation in representation in agencies which are coordinative and not authoritarian in nature.
3. Direct recall of all representatives with continuous and constructive control.
4. Respect of the need for free time to all for self-realization and participation in the commons.
5. Education through direct participation of active citizens and not passive subjects.

Direct Democracy is an evolutionary path, some of whose processes have been initiated in many parts of the world. It is continuously being extended to all spheres of social life with primary aim and medium the brotherly cooperation of all persons and peoples without discrimination and exclusion.

Let’s turn the present crisis into a universal communication among active people, people who create their life and their history.

People’s Assembly of Syntgama Square