Catalan police complaint about their comunication equipment and threatens to further action against the Government

The cuts will mean an increase of crime, the “mossos” (catalan police) do not have to hide or makeup. The Administration can not lie to the people and accept their responsibilities. Therefore, all unions we propose the following instructions:
A tug is not a theft.
A theft is not a loss.
A robbery inside the house is not a damaged.
Inside a vehicle theft is not a lack of damage.
Established according to the Criminal Code.
Regarding identifications:
We must work with the maximum of professionalism, which means scrupulously respect the legal framework: identifications, according the law 1/92, must be made in police dependances and leave the constancy to the corresponding  Book of identifications guarded in OAC’s.
The colleagues who works as door service the function assigned is to attend people and keep safe the agencies. Not means recover complaints or take any other activity outside of these tasks.
One of the specific functions of the door service is informe to the citizens about the VAR 34 process, if they consider the time waiting is excessive or any complaint regarding the impact of the service quality caused by cuts.
For any colleague who has to drive, must be reviewed carefully and with the time required the state of the vehicle and its
police equipment. If that’s not  adjust to the established rule, should fill the information note. This includes the necessity of two body armor in each vehicle, overall not expired. If your security may be threatened, you will have to
used the entire service. Be good to send a copy to the union.
Regarding to all portable communication equipment we everybody know the lamentable state of the laptops. It is needed an information note about these deficiencies and move it to the trade unions. We do not go out without a communications equipment if not working properly.
Remember we do not  have to use our cell phone for service. The Administration has the obligation to provide this material to all agents, and not only to the high commands.
Very important: please use your discretion as police officers. According to the police action and its specific problems and availability of human and material resources impose by Government cuts,  evaluate the adequacy of impute or arrest.
This is a fight of the entire collective. Although is not expected any incidence, if any high command wants to push you to not comply with your obligation as police officers, we remember you that you can ask to be given the order in writing. Communicate the fact immediately to your union to take the appropriate measures.
These are only the first steps IN RESPONSE TO the lack of willingness from the DEPARTMENT negotiators, we propose throughout the group and will continue indefinitely. Soon, we will propose several protest actions and measures, will be added to these.
Original call out in catalan language below: