Dublin buildings occupied for launch of unlock NAMA campaign

A call for empty NAMA buildings to be given social & community use

We have temporarily occupied a NAMA-owned building in Dublin city centre to launch a new campaign that aims to lift the veil of secrecy from the controversial agency.
The building is 66-67 Great Strand Street in Dublin 1 (Go to this page for more information).
A day of events and talks by academics and authors at the re-opened building from 12 noon on Saturday (January 28th, 2012) will focus on the “unmitigated failure” of NAMA and look at alternatives. The Unlock NAMA campaign wants to make empty NAMA buildings available for social and community use, to reveal details of all NAMA properties and assets and to challenge the culture of debt.
The address of the occupied building will be revealed on Saturday at 9.30am at facebook.com/unlocknama and @unlocknama on twitter.

Unlock NAMA has three main demands:
1) Make NAMA properties available for social and community use
2) Publish full addresses and details on all properties under NAMA
3) Publish full details on all sales of NAMA assets