GlobalAssembly – To all our dear fellows who participate in the Global movement

To all our dear fellows who participate in the Global movement

The agenda is here: PAD of the Meeting

Since the last meeting we only finish the first point of the agenda and started to discuss the second (brainstorming), we propose to mantain the same agenda starting with the second part of the brainstorming.

*1.* Continue with the Brainstorming together

*2.* Synthesize in tasks the agreements emerging of the brainstorming

*3.* Group tasks in working groups

*4.* Outline a schedule / work plan

It will be useful for people to add their contributions before and after the meeting.
Please have in mind that wee need people to meet in advance to organize the moderation team and to coach people inside mumble. Hope you don’t forget to configure your account in occupii

It would be nice as well that someone could wait in the takethesquare server to see if people get misplaced
The date and time for our next May 2012 common actions meeting will take place next Saturday, the 4th pf February at 19:00 UTC
This was democratically decided by people who took the time to participate of this poll:

Once again we are going to use a voice chat service (mumble), but we will also enable our IRC webchat on channel: #takethesquare to the people who have difficulty with mumble or the fluid English, we would need volunteers who would be able to access both meetings and serve as a link.

There is also the need to decide whether the meeting is going to be hold in English only. Please share your needs ASAP so that we contact the Translators Team (

Minutes from the past two meetings here:

Mumble-instructions to connect (please if this is going to be your first time request assistance and connect two hours in advance, there will be a team ready to welcome you)

To download:
All the information related to next meeting on mumble and the previous ones:

IMPORTANT: Notice that it won’t take place on server. It will be on occupii server In order to maximize the inclusivity and participation of the activists of all networks in equal conditions. A rotatory system was proposed to host this meetings on each network server.
So the next meeting, since the first meeting was hold on DRY’s server, and the second one on TTS’ server, will be hosted in Occupy’s server:

Room: Round Table
Label: occupii
Address/Server: – [mumble server]
Port: 64738
Username: {Your Own}

Remember also the already working groups in n-1:


09:00 (UTC-10 Honolulu Hawaii)
11:00 (UTC-8 West Coast of USA)
12:00 (UTC-7 MST, Arizona…)
13:00 (UTC-6 Chicago,Texas)
14:00 (UTC-5 New York/DC)
16:00 (UTC-6 East Coast of Brazil)
19:00 (UTC+0 Canarias and UK)
20:00 (UTC+1 Europe)
23:00 (UTC+3 Western Africa)
00:00 (UTC+4 New Delhi)
03:00 (UTC+8 Beijing)
06:00 (UTC+10 Australia)

Our comrades from Sweden are proposing that we use more specific a protocol for the meetings (at the bottom of this message) in order to make the meeting much more efficient. We need volunteers for the facilitation team (thanks!)

Another comrade has some useful suggestions that we are trying to put in place:

1. As there’ll be more people joining, maybe we can *reduce speak time to 2 minutes*. (Would that become 4 minutes in case we use translation?)
2. To open two decision doodle surveys if we need a decision
3. Maybe we can add a “For Beginners and support” Channel, some volunteers should be there at the beginning to help the people configure mumble.
4. Some people were confused about the translating. Maybe we can get this to work better (translators may also be there one hour in advance).

If you have more suggestions that can improve the meeting, please share them.
Please also forward this invitation to all your mailing lists.

The PAD for gathering contacts of activists in other countries:
Please help us contacting Africa, Asia and Middle East.
BTW we still haven’t got in contact with all these occupations: &