#12M15 Global Meeting Minutes


Server: occupytalk.org
Room: Round Table
Label: occupii
Address/Server: occupytalk.org – [this is the mumble server]
Port: 64738
** It is proposed to mantain this rotatory order: DRY – TTS – Occupii and it’s propose the opposite.

Continuos workplace in n-1
12M12: https://n-1.cc/pg/groups/1112819/12m12-global-action-day/
15M12: https://n-1.cc/pg/groups/1010883/15m-global-strike/

Meeting Minute’s or Report
21/01/2012  http://bit.ly/Aec7bm  (DRY server)
28/01/2012  https://n-1.cc/pg/pages/view/1113990  (TTS server)
04/02/2012 http://titanpad.com/2012-02-04-GlobalChange-12M-15M (Occupii server)

The MAYDAY mailing list
To post to this list, send your message to: groupoplanningenes@global.generalassemblies.info
General information about the mailing list is at: http://global.generalassemblies.info/mailman/listinfo/groupoplanningenes_global.generalassemblies.info

International Contacts

Contact Network of Translators
Email de contacto: translatorbrigades@gmail.com
Web: www.translatorbrigades.org

Assembly Moderators

1. Synthesize the complete proposals and those that have not been collected. Make sure the proposals are concrete and can be easily classified by the working groups.
2. Group together the proposals in working groups and distribute them in order to figure out through a quick vote which are the most popular is (+1 or -1). Treat them in clear and specific ways so that they can be introduced to many different groups easily.
3. Return with specific proposals that have been discussed. (You could make schematic summaries of the proposals)
4. Outline a schedule / work plan
5. Post assembly work: Make a schematic summary of the proposals for distribution to local assemblies and begin to discuss.
6. Previous moderation before the assembly proposal. To meet 2 hours before to clarify the agenda proposal and the roles in the assembly
7. Presentation of the web project www.unitethe99.org (INTERNATIONAL WEB PROJECT)

Roles of Moderating:
– One (or more) persons moderate the meeting.
– Speaking in turns: If you want to speak, write “******TURN*******” in the chat to get the right to speak by the moderator.
– One (or more) persons per each language group will translate the meeting. The working languages will be english and spanish. Try to use short sentences so that the translators have time to translate as we are making use of parallel translation.
– Record: Please add to the pad your contributions.

Language / interaction
********TURN********* = “I want to speak”
+1: agreement to proposal
-1: dissagreement to the proposal

Summary of Proposals

My apologies to everyone I’ve left out.

Proposed Action:

– Return to camp in the streets.
– Action: stand up on the seats (about 3 mins.) in public places (without obstructing) http://titanpad.com/S0DgaaeXKChttps://piratenpad.de/p/UgL7vU1GnK  (en varios idiomas) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtUNj2BNTsU
– Demonstration Global and /or Sitting
– Share of transport blocks and lines of communication.
– Actions of civil disobedience: Not paying the meter, not paying in the supermarkets, not paying for water, gas or electricity, which is compatible with civil disobedience actions in the network.
– Meet face to face and learn more about the other movements. Exchange between activist.
– Process of mobilization until 12 and May 15. ContraForo Proposals for Water (Marseille 14 to 17 March) and World Water Day on March 22.
– Make a list of different actions, slogans and proposals for common objectives and make a poll to allow people to participate. After a week of voting is done by Mumble a meeting and see the result – http://piratenpad.de/brainstrom12May)
– Proposals of Exodus the people (Eco-villages)
– Send mass emails individually with content that is a single sentence (eg e-mail to Ms. Lagarde (chairman of the IMF) with a phrase like: “We are not financial assets, we are people”). Pad of international contacts http://titanpad.com/globalchange12may2012contacts (not working)
– Boycott of consumption and / or responsible consumption.
– Occupation of public spaces (hospitals, universities, municipalities, etc …) and power centers (headquarters of banks, stock exchanges, multinational headquarters, etc …)
– Spring Global – http://www.reddit.com/r/OccuponsMontreal/comments/o7lky/global_spring/
– Proposed https://n-1.cc/pg/pages/view/1072753:
General Assembly on May 1
Coordinated action for the May 5 “Transfer of the seats common to ethical banks”
Camping in the streets on May 12.
Decentralization in two topics for May 15: a) Strikes, expropriation of public spaces and means of production and other non-violent direct action or b) Creation of the alternatives (ecovillages, co-workers, free services, time banks)


– Japanese: work twice as long, Mexican: ownership of the factory and Argentina: use of space to open cooperatives.

– Decentralization of the shares at the maximum possible number of sectors creating their own direct actions and demands.
– Why not make a general strike?: http://titanpad.com/Nohuelgageneralrazones
– Consumer strike. Do not consume multinational companies, to promote local products, organic and fair trade.

Internet, Communication and International Coordination:

– Channel for Android 12 and 15 so we can all have the experience of mobilization. International Communications Group (it has been debated whether or not we use a single message)

– Calendar of Global Mobilization: or http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3855522/calendar_details.htm – events “Walking together to the 12M and beyond”

– Proposal for Radio broadcasting “Occupy the Media”
– Proposal of documentary or other summaries remembering what we have won “Action and Memory”
– Network of streaming video to cover all the places that have means of television and/or using [http://bambuser.com/] + http://peoplewitness.wordpress.com/
– FaceBook Group: Coordinators are needed in all countries. http://piratepad.net/globalchange12may2012contacts

Global Moto Propositions

Proposals with assertive content:
– Establish as soon as possible a list of local and global demands (On May 1 we could have a consensus in the various assemblies of the world) and https://n-1 http://piratepad.net/iUUIbjTbeA. cc/pg/groups/475346/global-demand /
– Reject the debts of countries and civic debt audit: https://n-1.cc/pg/groups/693621/coordinacin-estatal-15m-auditoria-de-la-deuda/
– Text in several languages: http://piratepad.net/tawGwh5HXE
– Common manifest for the 12 of May.
– Global Call: https://n-1.cc/pg/pages/view/1136940

Legal Team:
– Search for legal documents to develop manuals for Protestor law.

– Use the same color.
– Rainbow.
– Use the same theme.
– Theme of Ghandi.
– “Against the taxation of financial transactions”
– Brainstorming: http://titanpad.com/2012-02-04-GlobalChange-12M-15M or  http://piratenpad.de/brainstrom12May
– Use the same name.

Propuesta: http://piratepad.net/iUUIbjTbeA
Propuesta de Golpe: https://n-1.cc/pg/pages/view/1072753
Primavera Mundial: http://www.reddit.com/r/OccuponsMontreal/comments/o7lky/global_spring/
Demandas Globales: https://n-1.cc/pg/groups/475346/global-demand/
Social peer-to-peer processes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_peer-to-peer_processes
Auditoria de la deuda: https://n-1.cc/pg/groups/693621/coordinacin-estatal-15m-auditoria-de-la-deuda/
Texto: http://piratepad.net/tawGwh5HXE
Lluvia de Ideas: https://n-1.cc/pg/pages/view/1128286
Tabla reivindicativa: http://piratepad.net/P6djV87FhR
Propuesta: http://titanpad.com/zBTz9dgFoR
Lista de contactos: http://piratepad.net/globalchange12may2012contacts
Grupo FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/12.MWorldrEvolution
Propuesta Grupo Transversal de Sol: https://n-1.cc/pg/pages/view/1136940
Web DRY Internacional : http://international.democraciarealya.es/12m/
Texto: https://piratenpad.de/p/UgL7vU1GnK
Lluvia de Ideas: http://piratenpad.de/brainstrom12May)
Flash Mob: https://piratenpad.de/p/UgL7vU1GnK  (en varios idiomas) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtUNj2BNTsU
Foro Alternativo del Agua: http://www.fame2012.org/es/acerca-de/carta/