Video from Occupy Boston and Berlin “No War on Iran” Rally

On Saturday, February 4th Occupy Boston’s Action for Peace Work Group joined communities across the nation, with over 60 endorsing organizations, to alert people to the ominous drumbeat, that unimpeded, will lead to war on Iran. The following video was produced by Occupy Boston Media Working Group member David L.

Occupy Berlin – Internationaler Aktionstag – Stop War on Iran – 4.2.2012

Endorsers (partial list): World Can’t Wait • United National Anti-War Coalition (UNAC) • International Action Center (IAC) • SI! Solidarity with Iran • Refugee Apostolic Catholic Church • • CODEPINK Women for Peace • American Iranian Friendship Committee • ANSWER Coalition • Peace of the Action • • Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom • • St. Pete for Peace • WAMM/Women Against Military Madness • Future of Freedom Foundation • Defenders for Freedom, Workers World Party • Justice & Equality-Virginia • WESPAC Foundation • Minnesota Peace Action Coalition • Twin Cities Peace Campaign • Party for Socialism and Liberation • Libertarians for Peace • Bail Out The People Movement (BOPM) • Center for a Stateless Society • We Won’t Fly • Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS) • Granny Peace Brigade • Veterans for Peace — NYC Chapter 034 • Waco Friends of Peace • Occupy Los Angeles General Assembly • Malcolm X Center for Self Determination • David Swanson, Author of When the World Outlawed War • Sheldon Richman of Center for a Stateless Society • Outright Libertarians (LGBTQ Caucus) • We Won’t Fly • Moorfield Storey Institute • Randolph Bourne Institute • Phil Wilayto, Author of In Defense of Iran: Notes from a U.S. Peace Delegation’s Journey through the Islamic Republic • Ramsey Clark, Former US Attorney General, awarded UN Human Rights Award • Cindy Sheehan, National Co-ordinator of Peace of the Action • Ray McGovern, Veterans for Peace • Karla Hansen, Producer/Director “Silent Screams” • George Phillies, Editor for Liberty for America • Larry Everest, correspondent for Revolution Newspaper, author of Oil, Power & Empire: Iraq and the US Global Agenda