(48HStrike Updates) So its final now… Greece need your solidarity!

Images from the demonstration in Syntagma square 02/11

A few thousand people in front of the parliament. In the afternoon there is a call for an anti-ACTA demonstration. Up to this time (14.25) still some people remain in Syntagma square.

We need the solidarity of the Greek people in Europe and all progressive Europeans.

We, for our part, are going to gather in front of Parliament in Syntagma Square, Athens, where inside they will be voting for the massacre of the popular masses in Greece, the workers and the middle class.There will be meetings in central points of all cities and smaller places all over the country.

There are a few of the stupid Members of Parliament who voted for all the program and the Memorandum before, who will not vote for them now, but the number of votes in favor will most probably be enough for the Memorandum and the massacring laws to pass.
At the same time, some ministers and vice ministers have already resigned, which is good but far from enough.

We call people in Europe to consider demonstrating in front of the Greek Embassies from 5 p.m. until 10 or 12 (if possible) p.m. as Lisbon and Brussels did yesterday. We want to stress that the Greek people is only a guinea-pig for all the measures the establishment wants to pass in Europe, in all countries.

Former Greek Social Forum

Video from the General Strike demonstration, Athens, Feb 10

14.13 GMT+2 Chaotic scenes around Syntagma, with people arrested in the side streets. A block of a few hundreds is still standing before the parliament building. On Ermou Street, people are fighting back, hurdling stones.

14.10 GMT+2 At least one demonstrator seriously injured by the police.

13.35 GMT+2 Clashes between demonstrators and police in Syntagma, many molotov cocktails thrown at police, who launch a full-scale attack.

The masks have fallen completely… IMF, EU officials and “our” government (the non-elected, ex-banker new prime minister with his 3 political allies, main responsible for this crisis  & ruling the last 40years) has decided yesterday for a 3rd even harder, more destructive package of austerity measures which will turn Greece to the country it was just after the 2nd World War…

The new salaries after this agreement will reach around 350 euros in a country with an increased living cost (and among the highest prices concerning food, fuel, services)…
The cuts in the last 2 years have reached more than 50% of average salary income while Greek banks are getting millions and big corporations are paying less and less taxes…
Debt from the other hand is getting bigger and bigger as the economy is paralyzed… A dead end policy…
In a country of 10 million 4000 people loose their jobs EVERY DAY, the homeless in the streets of Athens have increased rapidly just the last 5-6 months… Homeless who till recently had a house and a normal life…

We need your solidarity,

Spread the news, don’t believe the main media…
There is a call for 48hrs general strike and protest for the next 3 days.
Greece is just the experiment of an economical model that will be used for all of us…

ALL IN THE STREETS! CALL for rallies, gathering from Thursday 9/02 to Sunday 12/02… unions, popular assemblies, workers, unemployed youth, to all the people.· Thursday 9/2: Rally, concentration in the Propylaea at 6.00 pm To start the daily descent to the squares and the Parliament.· Friday 10 and Saturday 11/02: 48 hours general strike, Concentration the two days at 11.00 in front of the Parliament.· Sunday 12/2 in front of the Parliaments from 12pm to a high concentration and the surrounding of the Parliament and the squares in Greece organized by trade unions and popular assemblies.

Popular uprising to overthrow the government black front – EU – IMF – BCE

Overthrow now! Freedom from the PASOK government donor – SW – LAOS

All streets with strikes, demonstrations, sit-ins – Race time!