Pensioners are occupying the CAP of LA Marina-Bellvitge for three months to avoid closing!

The policy of cuts to public health applied in Catalonia has caused the closure of referral hospitals, like the Bellvitge hospital, and the closure of Primary Medical Centers (CAPs), making the quality of medical care deteriorate.  One of the closed CAPs is the Rambla Marina CAP, leaving a barrio of nearly 30,000 residents (10,000 of whom are older than 60) with only one outpatient clinic.  Since 28 October 2011, Bellvitge residents have continuously occupied the Rambla Marina CAP, even during Christmas, to demand its reopening and have made ​​it clear that this occupation is indefinite, and that they will not return until the entire medical staff, the doctors and specialists…  Perhaps the goal of all this policy is to privatize public health, making it impossible to receive diligent quality care without paying for it.

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