7th Berlin Biennale as #occupyFrankfurt presents

The aim of our exhibition is the true understanding of our self organised global protest cloud – the contemporary art of the 21st Century . We want to display the humanity and creativity behind political Protest, which coalescence into art. Our political space will encorage our visitors to interact with their true selfes as creative free thinking beings, which is the essence of all art.

Our vision is to create an ever changing kaleidoscope of ideas where the puplic is drawn into interaction with the global protest cloud. To create a truly free, creative and genuine social enviroment which transforms the passive visitor into an active acting being. In this metamorphosis process, art and protest share a common goal – moving people!

The occupied space at the biennale will be full of different protest forms. Some convient, others provokative, but alltogether they will give rise to new ideas in the visitors mind. The newly risen ideas and the provoked thoughts will create others and thereby benefit both the brand-new thinker and the world in general as it needs all the thinking people it can get. The interaktive Multimedia stations will connect them to other thinking beings and so make them a part of the global protest movement – this process is the art of protest. It brings to light the one true, sure facette of human nature: creativity and the rebellion it entails and requires in this superficial age of Plastic. This is what unites Occupy whith its contrasting diversity of political opinions.

We want to create a free, live, passionate atmosphere where interactivity via the world wide web as a medium produces meaning. The installations will be streaming 24h, to emphasis the endless Workflow of the global protest. An open exhibition space where art and communication become paths to freedom and communication is freedom and any freedom is a key element of art if not art itself. Barriers between participants and visitors will slowly dissolve during the coarse of the visit.

Special exhibitions, performance events, symposia, photography, streamed open mikes sessions with different continents, digital art and many more forms of political activism will take place in the whole time of the Biennale. We will invite Artists, Actors, Intellectuals who want to share theire political art, world views and intellectual thoughts with the world and vise versa. All these constantly changing spaces of meaning will create an constantly changing atmosphere of thinking. We will explore all the political protestforms within the world of Occupy and present them to the public via hyperreality in the most litereral sense of the word.

The creation of multimedia spaces will connect the world via the World Wide Web. Our political morphing space will unite free thinking peoples of our Planet on our interactive multimedia walls of protest. This event will be a unique possibility for the visitor to be confronted with thousands of different perspectives, views, cultures, ideas and ideals assebled on our interaktive screens of the global protestculture of Occupy World. By bringing the global Protest to the Biennale our host will spread into the world and the Ideas and Ideals resulting from a symbiosys of Art, Protest culture and the transformed puplic will transcend into the plastic world of artificial consumerism.