A proposal by the Greek Committee against the Debt

Dear Friends,  dear Comrades,

We, the Greek committee against the Debt, take the initiative to address you all, offering you to decide, prepare and organize a great, unitarian, combative and massive European day of Solidarity with the Greek people, and at the same time  a day of action against the policies of austerity, privatizations and dismantling of public services all around Europe, taking as a  central demand the annulation of the Greek public debt. The reason for our proposal is obvious: using the Greek debt as a pretext, the Troika, that is to say the IMF, the ECB and the European Commission have turned Greece into a laboratory of the most inhumane, antidemocratic and antisocial austerity policies. By testing the stamina and capacity of resistance of the Greek people who have been transmuted into a guinea-pig, the Troika leads the way for the generalization of these policies being applied all around Europe. However, today, that is two years after the launching of this frontal aggression against the Greek guinea-pig, there is no place for any kind of doubt: in the streets and on the squares of Greece, it is not only the fate of Greek society, of national sovereignty and Greek democracy, so badly brutalized, that is at stake, the fate of workers and retired people, the fate of unemployed people, of Greek youth and women and of all oppressed people in our country. What is at stake is also the fate of the immense majority of European Citizens for whom Troika, antidemocratic reaction and big investors have in store the same future.

So yes, we are not afraid of saying that: what Spain was to Europe of “those from below” in 1936”, fighting Greece of 2012 tends to become to today’s Europe ! In 1936, there has been a defeat because Spanish resistance to triumphant fascism remained tragically alone and helpless. Needless to remind you the nightmarish consequences that were brought up back then by the Spanish “guinea-pig” ’s defeat, and the open wounds that it left behind it up to now.

The question we are posing you is very simple: Are we willing today to accept such a repetition of history, are we prepared to accept a crushing defeat of today’s Greek guinea-pig, which would have tragic and long term consequences for all the peoples and all workers in Europe?

Dear Friends, dear comrades,

We are sure that your answer will be a ringing NO. However, this is no longer enough, in the current state of things. When time desperately presses, as the people of Greece doesn’t have unlimited time margins of resistance in front of an international, over armed, very well organized and coordinated class enemy, the situation requires one first direct, sonorous and massive European manifestation of solidarity in acts. In other words, we need at last a European scaled mobilization of “those from below”, which would have a double function: on one hand, to show to Greek people who are fighting that they are not alone, that their fight is part of a larger fight of all the oppressed people in Europe, and thus that they have more chances to win. On the other hand, to make the first step and the starting point for the creation and development of the European mass resistance movement that we need so badly!

Having all this in mind, we believe, dear Friends and comrades, that the Brussels Meeting of European countries and North Africa audit campaigns, on April, 7th, offers a great opportunity to discuss, but also to adopt and push forward our proposal so that it be supported by the largest number of social movements, as well as social, trade union and political forces of our continent…

Hoping that your reaction will be positive, we are looking forward to your response as well as to any other idea, proposal or initiative of yours.


Fraternal greetings,

The Greek committee against the Debt