Lisbon: two days of actions in solidarity with the people of Greece. We are all Greeks!

Last Saturday 18Feb, people from Lisbon and tourists gathered in Rossio square for the traditional Carnival festivities… but this year something different was waiting for them. Suddenly amidst the crowd Greek flags started appearing, and different chants interrupted the music: “we are all Greeks” “our struggle is international”.
Dozen of activists took the square, to inform the people about the international day of solidarity with Greece and of what is happening to the Greek people. All together we joined hands and formed a huge human chain, asking all the people to join us and encircling most of the square. Here some pics

Today (20Feb) another day of protest, this time with the participation of Greek activists (who couldn’t come on Saturday) who reported about the situation of Greece right now, and the fights during the weekend.
During the gathering, a theater piece was presented by the Teatro do Oprimido (theater of the oppressed), inspired by Greece and depicting how scenes of common life have now become incredibly difficult battles.
How can you have a normal life, when austerity and capitalism prevent you to find a job and take away everything you have?

There was a discussion about the situation in Portugal, how it is becoming very similar to what is happening in Greece, and how we need to stay all together, to create an international movement.Here some pics

they say Portugal is not Greece, but that is a lie. Portugal IS Greece, and we are all Greeks!