(Updated) #2&3-3 Occupy the banks, occupy the debt, we are all Greeks!

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Please give your event so that we can add it to the list of events

A few things to help mobilisation

Chek out a place you wan to occupy (bank agency, insurance agency, governing board…) :
– schedule
– access
– security system
– …

Go to public gathering so that as many people as possible take part to the actions and support the actions.
BE CAREFULL the place of gathering is not the place of the place of occupation, you have to get people from the gathering to the place of occupation.

In order to call to this event, you can use as many means of communication as possible (facebook, activists’s websites, mailing lists, press release, psoters, flyers, phoning, word of mouth…)

Get information, spread it to other people
Do not wait for proposals from other people, make proposals (videos, flyers, banners, websites, translations…)
– bring anything useful (for instance it is better to habe two megaphones rather than just one)
– when you take initiatives it should not prevent you to act in consultation with people (you go further when you are many)
– the key of mobilisation is commitment, ask for help to your friends, to your neighbours, to your family, to other people who are registred at the event. You can propose collective meeting to prepare the event, workshop to make banners and posters, putting up posters, spreading flyers…)

During the day of the event: determination, no violence, seriousness, good mood, imagination, respect, sharing…

Spread it.


Occupy the banks, occupy the debt, we are all Greeks!
Money seems to run our lives. It certainly controls political decisions.
Politicians may change, they still obey the same orders.
They want to impose them, we have to resist!
They would like to enslave us through debts, a large-scale swindle
That gives undue power to banks and the international finance on our future and on our lives.
They would like to frighten us showing the punishing austerity measures inflicted on Greece.
In Greece some children feel faint with hunger
Some sick people die because of the lack of medicine in hospitals
In spite of a terrible repression, the Greek people is bravely rising up
They are calling on us…
Their struggle is ours
We are all Greeks
We are one and united
We are legion
We will give up nothing
On the 2nd and 3rd of March
Against the debt that enslaves us everywhere in the world
Let us enforce solutions to regain power on our lives.
Occupy the banks
Occupy the debt…