NY students statement of solidarity with students of Valencia

We stand in active solidarity with the students and people of Valencia, Spain. and condemn the arrests and beating of peaceful protesters taking a stand against cuts to education.

The issues the students in Valencia address are ones that speak to the global nature of our struggle. All over the world we see local governments fail to fund universities, schools, and the other basic needs of the people.As people begin to protest and resist injustices, police attempt to repress the emergence of true democracy led by the people.

Students of the City University of New York, University of California-Davis, and many other campuses have been arrested, beaten, and pepper sprayed during protests done in an increasingly securitized university. However, overt repression represents the failure of subtle forms of social control. As tacit consent and docility are replaced by protest and resistance, the only way to maintain the social order is through the baton and riot shield.What it shows is that we are breaking through and making real gains in our struggle.

Students in Valencia, your resilience, as witnessed by the wave of protests in recent days, gives us resolve to continue, the strength to struggle further, and the courage to dream bigger. Our struggle is one. Solidarity in the streets!

From: acampadavalencia.net