Weekly newsletter about the activities of 15M Barcelona, Catalonia and occasionally the main events in Spain

Hello from Barcelona,

this is the weekly newsletter that will inform you about the activities of 15M movement in Barcelona, Catalonia and occasionally the main events in Spain. Please say if you do not wish to receive it anymore.

1. Police repression towards students in Valencia

The students of IES Lluis Vives high school in Valencia protested against the budget cuts in education, especially because the government didn’t pay the heating and they have to study in the winter cold. They blocked some streets and were evicted by the police. On Monday, 20th the repression by the police was extremely violent as you can see on those videos:


Solidarity has spread in other high schools and universities of Valencia as well as in other cities of the countries. People demand that their comrades get free without charges and that the local government delegate resigns for ordering the repression.

2. Feb-24th action against bank rescue

On February 24th, Democracia Real Ya! organized a state-wide action against the rescue of bank that costs public money without benefiting the population. The protests took place in front of the CAM bank, that received lot of money from the government

3. Iaioflautas


This is a group of elder activists who are part of the 15M movement in Barcelona and one of its most active groups. Their actions include occupying during weeks a public health center that the government wants to close, occupying a bus to protest against the huge price increase, organizing the protest against the labour market reform. This week, they were also among the protesters in front of th CAM bank in Barcelona.

4.Mobilization during the World Mobile Congress

Starting from monday 27 of February until the 1st of March Barcelona house the WMC (World Mobile Congress). During the same period TMB (Public Transport of Barcelona) called a strike. The Barcelona and Catalunya government finally found an  agreement to avoid it.

At the same time a group of the public transport users call the citizens to a week of strike and actions against: the cut of the public transport services, the increasing of the tickets prices, the privatization service idea, all justified by the “lack of money”.


5. STOP Rubber Bullets (Stop Bales de Goma)

Catalunya is one of the few regions in Europe where the police use rubber bullets during demonstrations and public events. These weapons have caused numerous injuries. Since 1990 there have been 23 people in Spain that have lost an eye, other have been seriously  injuried on different body parts. In none of our cases a policeman had been indentified and condemned. Throughout the year 2011 “Stop Bales de Goma” have launched a lobbying campaign towards the Catalan Parliament presenting our proposal and scientific documentation, achieveing nothing.

Now, Stop Rubber Bullets has launched a new initiative to raise awareness within Catalan society and internationally. he photographer Francesca Oggiano has taken some pictures of the victims to show the world the injuries caused by the Catalan police. The exposure took place at the MACBA during The Influencers-Inside Out Festival, and they will continue there for three months.Also the images have been selected for the important festival Sony World Photography Awards, which will take place in London April.





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