“We are all Greeks” movement interest the Greek far right

Among those trying to take advantage of the momentum created by the “we are all Greeks” solidarity movement, there is also the Greek far right.
Every aspect of the greek far right, from the Lepen-ite political parties to the openly neofascist gangs, has a long history of using the greek national identity as its ideological pseudo-answer to both local and International class struggle and other political issues.
Furthermore, with the help of their own tabloids and the corporate media, some of those groups are trying to strip this movement of its true meaning, the solidarity between working people regardless of nationality, sex and religion, and turn it into a triumph of Greek “pride” or at best, a movement of some “enlightened friends of Greece”.
The truth behind the solidarity mobilizations, is that they were organized in countries, where the people have been either hit by severe austerity measures similar to those imposed on the greek people, or fear that they will be the next hit by these neoliberal lethal policies.
These demonstrations conveyed a clear message not only to all participants, but also to all the people across europe who see hope in such actions.
They are part of a resistance struggle against the wills of the International Markets, the IMF, the Banks and the rotten politicians that represent their interests.

From realdemocracygr.wordpress.com