Let’s start to build together The Global Square at Berlin Biennale!

From TakeTheSquare, the international coordination network for the occupy and acampadas movement born in Spain during the first camps in May 2011.

We are putting forward the platform berlin.theglobalsquare.org, which is derivation of TheGlobalSquare.org project – a platform for our movement. The plan is to gather there information about both the activities to take place during the presence of TheGlobalSquare in Biennale (its hackaton, talks, conferences, presentations etc) and also about the other occupy groups.

We see the presence of occupy in Biennale as the whole Global Square!
We would like to invite you to register yourself in our website (until now we have Madrid, Barcelona and DRY International) in order to create your own blog inside the platform and promote the activities of your local group. We also have forum and agenda in the website, as well as an online form for submission of projects/ideas.

We plan to coordinate this platform of promotion with the developments of IT working-group as well.

More information about what we are planning at
wiki.theglobalsquare.org/wiki/TheGlobalSquare_@Berlin .

Register your assembly at berlin.theglobalsquare.org and let’s start to build together The Global Square at Berlin Biennale!