PAN invite: Inter-Assembly List and Global Newswire

This is an invitation to join our Inter-Assembly Newswire project. It’s being run by team members from Occupy/15M/PAN in the USA, Spain and London. Please read the following information, and ask your Assembly’s external and international communications workgroups (or equivalent) to subscribe and participate.

There are two aspects to this project:

(1) the global email list and

(2) the decentralised blog-link, or global newswire.

We are excited about the newswire which allows you to ‘news tag’ your local blog posts for people to follow and receive your news at the global level. Both platforms are designed to maintain local assembly autonomy while also establishing clean lines of inter-assembly communication, and are open-source so can be utilised on other sites.

You may subscribe to one or both (we recommend both so we can monitor and make improvements).

Participation in the Email List requires only that your local workgroup (i) subscribe and (ii) considers what assembly-endorsed messages to post there [*]. Individuals may also subscribe, but only as observers.

Participation in the Decentralised Blog-link/Global Newswire requires that you (i) set up a new posting category (on your local blog) and (ii) send us the RSS feed. Similar posting guidelines apply to both platforms [*].

Both are therefore simple to set up. More detailed info on the platforms, and how to participate is as follows:

(1) Email List

A strictly moderated Assemblies-Only (ie. noise-free) email list[**], and linked open source newswire. Subscribe individually as an observer or, to obtain posting rights subscribe using your official assembly workgroup email address (be ready to verify this, in the interests of transparency).

Subscribe here: ( please ignore security warning )
[**] Every post will also appear on a dedicated blog-space [location, to be confirmed] as part of the global newswire. Further info on this platform is set out (in ENG/FR/ESP/IT) at:

(2) Global Newswire

Once your local blog is linked in the platform will live stream blog posts designated by your external communications workgroup as of wider national or international interest while also linking global subscribers back to your local assembly blog. Streamed content will be geographically organised at the global level by continent, country and city/region and, if your local group uses news tags appropriately [see (iv) below and recommended!] also by issue / topic.

Linking your blog to the Global Newswire is simple. Here’s how:

(i) Create a new, uniquely designated category on your local blog (eg ‘PAN’, ‘Assemblies’, ‘GA’ ‘PA’ or as you choose).

(ii) Register (ie send) that designated RSS feed address to us at:
(iii) Start posting under your designated category local assembly content your group deems of wider national or international interest [*] and watch it appear on the global newswire 🙂

IMPORTANT: Aim to News Tag designated posts by topic wherever possible. The Global Newswire will work without it, but tagging will make it much easier to organise content at the global level, so subscribers wil be able to access the assembly content they are most interested in. General tags like ‘actions’, ‘democracy’, ‘economics’, ‘education’, ‘politics’, ‘corporations’ ‘global’ and/or others could be used. Tagging works best if similar tags are used worldwide, so you may wish to consult to see if there is a tag that suits before posting.
Once the above is done, whenever you locally post to the designated category (think ‘newswire channel’) the post will live-feed to the global site (and other sites that choose to access or mirror newswire content) appearing under continent, country, city/region and relevant topic 🙂

[*] Please note: posts in the designated PAN category (as with the Email list) should be

A – Text/info/projects your local assembly has endorsed

B – Text / info your local, assembly-endorsed communications group wants to broadcast to the wider world (eg communiques, minutes of meeting, call-outs, political statements etc).

More Info / Join the Team!
– We are an open working group made up of an international team of activists working in the Take the Square International, Inter-Occupy, Occupy-Net, London International Commission, People’s Assemblies and the Global Square communications platforms.

– The site is being redesigned to facilitate the newswire, and this will go live when we have RSS feeds from sufficient assemblies. Our basic aim is to take the PAN project to support assemblies worldwide by enabling reliable, effective and transparent communication between all local people’s assemblies.

A link to the info in this message, plus details of our next weekly global planning meeting (to which all are invited) is at

Love and Solidarity

Carolina, Larry, Dana, Ternura, Mark and the rest of the team