(Updates) International strategy for justice: Keyname #sos27m


This is my last report on this topic, the conclusion after it happened.
It was great, everybody enjoyed this action.
As said, last wednesday at 11am we started to spam with our translated press release to all the international press and some movement-related accounts.
National first trending topic for many hours and global first TT for a few time (fuck you beliebers).
The demonstration was not so big (my opinion, of course), but we did it with no problems and good ambient. Finally, in front of the government buildings we read a very good communicate about the topic explaining the situation.
The workgroup on this said they were going to fight for it with one more legal resource and, if it doesn’t work, they’re asking for justice on international courts.
At the same time, something big was happening. The multimedia team had access to some hours of police confidential communications of that day. With this information they did a video showing the declarations of the politicians and then the internal police communications.
(Video on the top)
It’s funny that we found a translation in Spanish made by the police on their internet forums. It’s really bad translated and full of incorrect writing.
Maybe I’ll post the english translation later.
The whole day was a slap in the face to all the involved politicians and cops, we’re all happy because that project worked extremely well.
For whoever followed this thread, the strategy is open to be used with similar objectives and we’re able to collaborate.
Barcelona asks international help.
First we’ll explain why and then, what’s the plan.
This all started on May 27th, when the catalan government evicted our camp. By chance, the mainstream media get involved on this and they showed live the brutal eviction, the chaos, and all the illegal way of working of the police. Everybody was shocked in the country.
The same day the camp was rebuild by the people of the city, it was so emotive and it had a great impact on the movement reinforcement and the public opinion. Take into account that we lost a lot of material, computers, documents and a lot of the work we did in two weeks. At the same time we were brutally injured while we were peacefully resisting and the police was out of control. The same workers from the public cleaning company that were forced to put out material on trucks went to the GA to show solidarity and to apologize explaining how were they blackmailed to do this.
The excuse was because the next day the local football team (you know F.C. Barcelona) fans were going to celebrate the victory in the square.
Government said it was a perfect intervention.
The political responsible of this were one person who gave the order with other main police leaders.
They were getting judged on courts, but some days ago the judge archived the case before it reached the main national courts, so they’re now free of charges.
Juridical Commission made a document with a research about this judge and his corrupt career since more than 10 years.
In front of this, the Penal Commission, the Communication Commission and International Commission (yes, we have that many) are planing together a strategy to put shame on this at international level. They’re also preparing a demonstration.
This is the plan:
– Penal Commission is preparing a huge press release in English about the case.
– Communication Commission has a list of twitter accounts from international medias.
– We all have the movement and personal twitter accounts ready to shoot this info, so we’re doing a hashtag (not decided yet, but could be #sos27m) and spamming the press release around.
– We’ll open fire this Wednesday, March 8th, all at once.
What can you do?
– If you have a twitter account related the movement (kinda “official”) you can retweet us or send by yourselves the press release to your local medias.
– You can bring us more medias’ twitter accounts to spam.
– You can talk about this to the local movement so people can show solidarity on social networks.
We want to ask for special collaboration to some twitter accounts that are really relevant and maybe we can easily get in touch:
Moreover, if this strategy works we can use it again to help other cases, not only for evictions, but for show how justice doesn’t work to protect the rights they’re supposed to. The greeks are already doing things like this, but their government can’t fell shame anymore…