15MBcn Newsletter N.4 – March 12

Hello from Barcelona,

this is the weekly newsletter that will inform you about the activities of 15M movement in Barcelona, Catalonia and occasionally the main events in Spain. If you do not wish to receive it anymore, please say so.

1. ELDER ACTIVISTS (IAIOFLAUTAS) IN ACTION, AGAIN… #enlaponiahacefrio (it is cold in Laponia)
The grannies of the 15M strike again: last wednesday, 7th of march, they met at 11am and burst into the headquarters of the main association of employers of Catalunya, to express their rejection of the new Work Reform, demanding -as by the manifesto they read out loud- to withdraw the Reform.
The origin of the funny #enlaponiahacefrio is an assertion by the Economic and Financial Politic Commission of the CEOE’s (Spanish Organization of the Interprises Confederation) president, saying the following: The Spanish unemployed have to be flexible and accept a job wherewere it is, even in Laponia, or their unemployment benefit will be cut off.
Iaioflautas never stop… awaiting for the next action!

You can follow their actions on their web http://www.iaioflautas.org/ and on twitter @iaioflautas.

http://www.iaioflautas.org/2012/03/manifiesto-ocupemos-la-patronal-enlaponiahacefrio/ (pictures and manifesto)

As you know, the police and their responsibles who beat the encamped in Plaza Catalunya have been declared innocent by the Spanish justice.
On the 8th of March people met at 8pm at the same square where the facts occured to protest against the unfair decision of the bench. As usual the #peoplewitness channel at livestreamhttp://www.livestream.com/peoplewitness broadcasted the demonstration by livestreaming.
The same day at 11am a massive attack begun in the net and the #SOS27M became top TT in Spain during 7hours. It  also reached world TT during 20 minutes.
The scoop of  the day – by the magazine “la directa” – has been the recording of the internal conversations of the police on the day of the police attack.
By the way, the case is not yet closed: people are asking for a fair trial and a verdict of guilty for the responsable of such unprovoked and violent action. The intiative to bring a popular action has been taken. Everyone can help. You can find “how” to do it in this website : http://som27m.wordpress.com/contribuir/. Amnesty International is also supporting

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouRbON3PEk8&feature=youtu.be (the recording)
http://som27m.wordpress.com/contribuir/ (Popular Action)

As announced last week, Barcelona assists to a series of special days devoted to women:
On the 7th there was a night demontration with a lot of women, trans and lesbians on the street demanding their right to decide upon their bodies, their future and their sexuality. In defense of abortion, against any kind of discrimination and racism, against the patriarchy and sexism. No incident occured during the demonstration, but the police asked for approximately 20 people to identify themselves at the end of it, in a rude way, taking one person to the police station. Lately is quite common that police use this way to intimidate people when peacefull demos occur, as an attempt to lower the numbers in the mass demonstrations happening weekly.
On the 8th, a couple of artistic performances took place in different locations in the center of Barcelona: One of them, the “eincaxades” (literally meaning “boxed”) was repeated in several locations, where women first accepted to be boxed in  big cardboard boxes and later broke free with the help of feminist assertions -as you can see in the video. The other one was an interactive theater piece where oppression and freedom were simbolized by women, lesbians & trans tearing down the “walls of the oppression”, formed with words that passers-by had written on smaller boxes. After this, another demonstration goes through the city.
On the 10th women, trans and lesbians met for a football mini-league in a space usually used by the men of the Poble Sec area  (a multi-ethnic district of Barcelona). This leisure action was to say that most of the space in the city is “taken” by men.
Talking about public space, on the 10th there was also a human chain of women that surrounded the Government Delegation in Barcelona at noon. Women, lesbians and transexuals formed the human chain against the recent attacks to the right of choice on their own bodies, while men expressed their support to the feminist cause. A manifesto was read out loud and a magic spell was cast against our sexist authorities, so as to maintain their bodies free and autonomous.
The celebration week was closed on Saturday night with a party at the Brotbar (a bar managed by a cultural association) with djs.
It is very important to remember that this video, made to promote the week of celebration,  has been censored http://blip.tv/femindignades in Vimeo and Youtube for showing vaginas.

http://vimeo.com/37861288 (video of the call at the night demonstration)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=l7fCVzyryK0 (artistic performance “eincaxades”)
http://feministesindignades.blogspot.com/2012/03/cadena-humana-feminista-pel-dret.html Human chain manifesto
http://elbrotbar.wordpress.com/ (party location)

On the 10th of March with the headword “Vallès occidental resiste, todas con Badía” (“West Vallès resists, we are all with Badia”) a demonstration took place in Badía (a town in a country  valley, west of Barcelona). The protest involved hundreds of people coming from all the villages from the valley side, protesting against the budget cuts, demanding a public education and  health care affordable for everyone, for the right to a decent living.
The valley  activists ended the demonstration occupying the primary health care center  (CAP) of Badía, where the night service has been closed due to the terrible cuts in health care that are seriously affecting Catalonia -and the whole of Spain- during the last months. This town -one of the poorest in Spain- suffer the threat of the total closure of this service and of a public kindergarten, plus the eviction of a lot of families from their houses.
In Catalonia at this very moment there are 14 primary health care centers occupied by their users, orange marks on this map https://recortessanidad.crowdmap.com/main, and several more are taking weekly actions such as stopping the traffic and demonstrating once a week to claim their rights back. There are also serious budget cuts in 22 hospitals in the area, blue in the same map

https://recortessanidad.crowdmap.com/reports and https://recortessanidad.crowdmap.com/main (Catalonia’s occupied caps)

[ICBcn] International Comission Barcelona