1  hubmeeting in milan march 30th – april 1st
2  Strikes across Europe
3  Occupy initiatives on Climate Change 
Projects for Transition Day (May 5th): move your money 
5  People’s Assemblies » newswire
6  Occupy Limehouse – Springtime for London!
International ´indignados´ march to athens arrives in Greece
New Russian website for  May 12 protests #GlobalSpring
News from Occupy Amsterdam
10 Swat teams storm legal residence of Occupy Miami protesters
11 Aysen, Chile, occupied 
12 Global Spring of creativity (take or bring your designs and posters)
13 Intervention  during  the speech of Greek minister. The Hague
14 Upcoming InterOccupy Talks 
15 Academics´ statement for Democracy and against  the European Fiscal Treaty 
1 Hubmeeting in milan march 30th – april 1st
March 31 Occupy Piazza Affari (in italian)
2 Strikes across Europe 
Portugal  (info and links from some fellow activists from Portugal)
In Porto the protestors “welcomed” the prime minister on his visit to the university chanting “IMF out of Portugal” and he had to run inside the university. One protestor was arrested by police in plainclothes, accused of “throwing carrots”.
In  Lisbon there were three marches, organized by the unions and social  movements, and as a result the city was completely paralyzed for all the  day.
Here are some pictures of the day
The police behaved violently in the demonstrations organized by  the social movements; The march was attacked repeatedly, with no apparent  reason. They targeted peaceful activists and journalists.
various clashes (check out the photographer on the ground at about 40sec)
a recap of the above (check out the woman being pushed to the ground at 13:40 with no reason!)
The official media are all together talking about non violents (the unions) vs violent (the social movements) protests, which is a flat-out lie. There are several eye witness of police attacking without any apparent reason and people defending themselves as they could. We also have reports of plainclothes police and agitators. Plus it is clear from the above documents that they were explicitly targeting journalists.
Spain (forthcoming: March 29)
15M website for the strikes (plurality of tactics, non union dependent)
Greeks in solidarity with the portuguese strike
22/03/2012 Greece, Athens, Syntagma Square
Greek people Solidarity with the Portuguese people on strike against the austerity measures!
3 Occupy initiatives on Climate Change 
On March 24,  Occupy Wall Street launched Earth Month with a march and protest at the United Nations, against big banks and the big fossil fuel corporations they fund. It was the start of one month of coordinated nationwide – and global! – actions to Disrupt Dirty Power ( leading up to Earth Day on April 22. and other environmental NGOs are participating. The idea is to make this the first significant bridge between Occupy and the aggressive climate movement. You can read about it at:
Energy, Equity and Environment at Occupy London is holding weekly skypechats every Sunday 1600GMT with Occupys around the world (incl. OWS, Vancouver, Tokyo, S.Africa & Vienna) to coordinate direct actions on climate change.
4 Projects for Transition Day (May 5th): move your money 
May 5: General Bank Transfer / Move Your Money!
To continue and dynamize this non-stop protest, the proposal is to start
an international campaign for everybody to take their money out of the
commercial banks and transfer it to ethic banks (bank account), credit
unions (savings), or invest it in ethic or alternative economies, or build
their own financial institution, we can also promote the strike fund.
This action will be coordinated not only by the “economic alternatives”
working group, but also “communication” and “direct action”. There will be
two fronts: firstly, taking the money out of the  bankers’ elites, and
secondly, making more money available to sustainable projects which will
contribute to everyone’s interest and help to heal the world.
It will consist on a big information campaign, through texts, videos,
conferences, actions, to denounce what traditional banks are doing with
our money but also promote the financial alternatives and the projects
they finance. We invite all the communities to open the debate locally, to
share this materials and create new ones adapted to their local
5  People’s Assemblies » newswire
6 Occupy Limehouse – Springtime for London!
7 International ´indignados´ march to athens arrives in Greece
8 New Russian website for  May 12 protests #GlobalSpring
9 News from Occupy Amsterdam
Here the video of the Occupy Campaign action in Amsterdam that took place last 2nd and 3rd of March that aimed to bring politics back to their source: to the neighbourhood and the street:
Pictures and more information in
10 Swat teams storm legal residence of Occupy Miami protesters
11 Aysen, Chile, occupied 
12 Global Spring of creativity (take or bring your designs and posters)
13 Intervention  during  the speech of Greek minister. The Hague
Thursday 22 of March Minister Giannitsis was invited to talk about “Growth after reform” by the Greek embassy and the Clingendael Institute ( in The Hague.
Greeks living in the Netherlands made an intervention exposing lies and inaccurate information during his speech. It was made clear that the nature of reforms and measures for the so called growth is nothing more than the same neoliberal recipes that have been applied to many countries around the world.
At some point Giannitsis responding to the intervention he admitted that all enforced policies so far have spectacularly failed.
And although he has been a member of the government that had applied those measures he tried to distance himself from the policies of PASOK.
The event ended with the comment of the Director EU studies, A. Schout, that the people of all EU countries will soon feel the pain of the same austerity policies.
14 Upcoming InterOccupy Talks 
15 Academics´ statement for Democracy and against  the European Fiscal Treaty 
Radical academics around Europe woke up and join our series of protests this Spring, including M12. This is their statement. Original text in German at , 1000+ signatures.
Democracy instead of the Fiscal Treaty! We need a different approach to tackle the crisis, and a different Europe
Spring 2012.
Merkel and Sarkozy rush from summit meeting to summit meeting, in order to save the euro. The yellow press smears the people of Greece. The struggle over a solution to the crisis is intensifying dramatically: by early 2013, an authoritarian-neoliberal alliance of business lobby groups, the financial industry, the EU Commission, the German government, and other exporting countries, hopes to rush the ‛Fiscal Treaty that has just been concluded in Brussels through the national parliaments. The Fiscal Treaty prescribes an antisocial policy of cuts, and includes penalties for countries that oppose this policy. Thus the Fiscal Treaty restricts democratic self-determination even further. It is the momentary climax of an authoritarian trend in Europe.
We are fed up with these unsocial and antidemocratic policies, and with the racist slander campaign against the people of Greece. Instead, we should talk about the inhuman consequences of these policies. We should talk about Europe’s authoritarian turn, and low German wages as a cause of the crisis. We should talk about the untouched fortunes of the few, and the sufferings of the many. We should talk about our admiration for the resistance and solidarity among the Greek people. Let us demand what should go without saying: real democracy and a good life in dignity for everybody – in Europe and elsewhere.
The crisis in Europe is only the tip of an iceberg. Underneath it lies a deep structural crisis of capitalism. Too much capital is chasing profits. But the returns on investment are low: there is too much competition, and wages are too low. Debt- financed growth and speculative bubbles have only delayed the outbreak of the major crisis. Now the authoritarian-neoliberal alliance is advocating a radicalized more-of-the-same: socialize losses from speculation – through permanent debt- servicing by the wage earners. They want to increase returns on investment – by means of precarious employment, cuts in wages and pensions, cutbacks of the welfare state, and privatization. The consequences are drastic, and what is happening in Greece is looming in the rest of Europe: mass unemployment, impoverishment of broad swathes of the population, collapsing health systems, increases in mental illness, and a declining life expectancy.
Measures such as this can only be implemented by authoritarian means. Pinochet’s putsch in Chile in 1973, the IMF’ programmes in African states in the Eighties, and the transformation in eastern Europe in the early Nineties are historical forerunners of the Fiscal Treaty & Co.: “shock therapies”. Social and democratic principles that were won by struggles with many victims will be eliminated at breathless speed by the Fiscal Treaty, in order to ensure that debts are serviced and rates of profit increase. In Italy and Greece, unelected governments of technocrats are using
truncheons, tear-gas, and water cannons to impose the cuts dictated by male- dominated groups of “experts” in Brussels, Frankfurt, and Berlin. The Fiscal Treaty and the set of edicts on “economic governance” give more and more power to bodies such as the EU Commission, the European Court of Justice, and the European Central Bank, which act beyond democratic controls. To prevent democratic decision- making contrary to neoliberal orthodoxy, the Fiscal Treaty perfidiously strengthens the dictatorship of the financial markets by fines to be paid to the EU.
As in the Great Depression of the 1930s, chauvinist and fascist forces are gaining influence, in Hungary, Austria, Finland, and elsewhere. Blind to the lessons of history, the German government, with its uncompromising austerity policy, is making reactionary solutions to the crisis more and more likely.
Throughout the world, people are fighting back against these policies, from the Syntagma Square in Athens, via the Tahrir Square in Cairo and the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, to Zucotti Park in New York. The movements of refugees and migrant workers across Europe’s outer frontiers are part of these struggles for a good life. These struggles must be carried out across borders and in the centres of the authoritarian-neoliberal alliance, in Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, and Berlin. Therefore, we call on people to join in the coming protests, including the European Day of Action on March 31st, the Global Day of Action on May 12th, and the international mobilization to Frankfurt am Main on May 17th to 19th. We are relying on an alternative solution to the crisis:
• no ratification of the Fiscal Treaty, and dropping the set of EU laws on “Economic Governance”;
• cancelling public debts, introducing controls on capital flows, and converting banks into public service providers;
• redistributing social wealth from the top downwards by a new tax system; •expanding the social infrastructure and starting to transform the economy with
a programme of social and environmental investment;
• shortening working hours;
• democratizing politics and the economy radically at all levels;
• ending the racist policy of Fortress Europe – residence permits and legal status for all.
To the authoritarian-neoliberal EU of the few, we oppose a democratic, social and ecological EU of the many!
Assoziation für kritische Gesellschaftsforschung (AkG), March 2012
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