Leyton Marshes, Main issues and next actions

There are very few area’s of open green in London that transport you away from the urban concrete jungle. Even fewer areas that are genuinely utilized by everyone. From Old to young. Rich to poor.
Main issues
.Toxic soil. Disturbing the soil in which world war 2 rubble was buried has caused great concern for possible harmful effects.
. Change in the legal status of land. Clearing the way for future development of this community utilized land.(On google maps it has already been changed to development land.)
.No exit plan has been presented to residents on how the site will be returned back to its natural form.
.Have broken and had to extend planning regulations regarding the depth the construction company has had to dig into the soil raising doubt of its permanence and possible return to its former glory.
. Planning permission has been submitted for flats near by and the local ice ring has openly expressed its wish to build on the land.
. The Council, Lea Valley Park Authority, Olympic Development Authority are keeping the construction company secret. No one accept the groups mentioned knows who this company is.
The Community Support Camps relationship with the Save Leyton Marshes Campaign
. The Resident Campaign Group requested help to stop the further destruction of the marshes and building of the training complex. All building has ceased for the last four days.
. We are there to ensure no building material gets inside the building site. This is our main function.There is some traffic flow for the marina, Lea Valley Parks, Security Guards with Dogs, Refuse collection and Tree Surgeons, of course we are not preventing them from getting to their destination.
. As another function we are building up positive relationships with the local community, informing and encouraging people to talk and network. So far this has been happening organically and true friendships are forming.
.  We have been subsisting from food donations, rubbish is taken off site by supporters, and we have been given a small fire grill for cooking. External finances are not needed for the size we are right now.
. The camp so far has decided with the residents that press statements and interviews should come from the resident public as much as possible. They are open to ideas but ultimately it is up to them. We are very aware that the media will try and have already attempted to make this about Occupy vs Olympics. This is not the case. It is about sacred spaces of nature for the enjoyment and education of the community.
. The decision on how long we stay for is down to the resident support group.
. The decision on the intensity of pressure we use is also up to the local community.
. We are encouraging the community to network with their friends and family and come out in support through signs, leaflets (produced by the Save Leyton Marsh Campaign Group) and conversation. Other forms of media are welcome. Podcasts, articles, music vids, songs and films. The more from the community the better.
. We are also encouraging personal messages, poems and banners to be made by the local community. These will be put up around the parameter fence, if we can have enough content to reach round the whole fence that will be a massive achievement and will visually demonstrate the importance of this land to the community.
. If the Community Support Camp grows than a second camp will be put on the other side of the building site so we have people on standby next to the other entrance/exit. If it continues to grow still then the camp will probably grow around the parameter eventually joining up.
. Every morning from Six a.m onwards everyone is on alert and we station ourselves in groups in locations where we can be the most effective.
. We ask everyone remembers to be relaxed and respectful of each other.
Things that would help
Banner making material and paint.
People to produce vids, articles and songs in an entertaining informative way.
Upcoming Events and Actions
A balls tournament hosted by the locals on Friday 30th at 6.30 am on Leyton Marshes, right in front of the trucks.
This saturday there is a community picnic and games for families.
More info: indymedia.org.uk