NEWSLETTER #12M15M Issue 2

1) Greece – AGORA in Athens

From 5 to 15, there will be the Agora Athens. The international march (you can follow the march here: it started back in Nov 2011 and its expected to arrive at the greek capital on the 5th of may This will be the starting signal for the beginning of the AGORA in Athens

The flyer:

The official Invitation–let%E2%80%99s-build-together needs translation to all possible languages

2) Cycling to ATHENS

Inspired by the march to Brussels that continued to Athens, a group of Dutch activists jumped on their bikes, cycling for world r(E)volution from The Netherlands to Greece, trying to mobilize and make people aware of the global event in Athens that will take place in May

A video of their first epic trip

For updates:


4) MAY Actions

Draft letter to all Occupy groups re visioning and goals by May 2012

Global May Manifiesto Draft: opinions, amendments improvements to the text very welcome

5) Portugal

Several cities have decided to join the may actions, including Coimbra, Lisbon, Porto and Santarém. Each group is autonomous and preparing its own specific actions, but we try to work collectively under the banner Primavera Global.PT . So far a big march is being prepared for 12may and many actions are being organized for all the month; these include protest actions, cultural activities as well as workshops. Websites to come soon.

6) UK – London

Occupy May

They launched a POLL in Facebook:

“Spring is here & Occupy has its sights set on May. On 15 May people will be uprising in cities globally. In London we’re organizing a mass direct action! But we need your help to inform the shortlist: Which target? And why?”

7) France



Occupy Clermont-Ferrand

At Marseille the assemblies made a big rally on the Vieux Port last year (over 300hundred) they hope this year there will be more




Global Evolution Day – 12.M 2012

#12M15M – Let’s take the streets on May 12th. We are the 99%


9) Finally! news form the East: Kazakhstan

“May 12, 2012 year-GLOBAL DAY of ACTION! It is time to put an end to injustice, the violation of human rights and freedoms! Don’t allow the enemies of the socio-economic justice and democracy use you! The international movement initiated by Arab Spring continued in Spain and inspired the entire world. It is a call to action. It is a call for unity! Because only United against the heinous anti-democratic mechanism, we can change this world for the better! ”

10) Finland – Helsinki

“15M and Occupy movements have declared Saturday 12.5. the next Global day of action. It is expected that in the future May 15th will become even much massively supported than 15M and 15O. Finland participated of the latter”

11) Perú

12 de M A Y O – Indignados CUSCO

Meeting point: Tupac Amaru Square, on May 12th at 2pm

12) Canada


Devoted to concentrate the energies of indignation for a common effort, they made numbers! 4 General Assemblies and 9 coordination wednesday meetings to go. If you want to act, there are seven different projects in which you can get involved, with plenty of choice!!

13) Croatia is in the boat too!

We may not understand all that they say there, but we see that they are moving too! c’mon, Croatia, lets fight for a better world!

14) One more event added to the May’12 Agenda!!

this one in the UK scheduled for May 3rd

The Big Six Energy Bash- MASS ACTION!

THE IDEA: Climate Justice Collective takes to the streets to block the energy monopoly going on behind closed doors at the UK Energy Summit. Companies like EDF, Npower, EON and Scottish Power as well Shell and BP are conspiring with government to line their pockets at the cost of people locked in fuel poverty. The Big Six energy companies are the obstacle to democratic energy systems that could keep the sea levels down and get the heating on in fuel poverty homes. We want a socialized grid not a corporate monopoly – the UK Energy Summit cannot go ahead! by

PS: OWS preparing for this global spring!