NEWSLETTER #12M15M Issue 3

0. We are happy to present the web page dedicated to gather and discuss all actions planned for May2012: it is an International meeting point where you can register and get involved in the actual work. There is where we host this newsletter:

You will find some bugs and a lot of room for improvement, we can do this with your help, the quality of the contents depends on you.

1. You are invited to join the next International 12M15M General Assembly on Saturday 14th 20:00 (GMT+2)

As there is less than one month left for May 12th, what if we take a break together? for a moment, gather in an Open Space where everyone is welcome to contribute and learn and effectively boost the Global May we envision. The more we are and the more diverse our points of views and backgrounds, the richer the dialogue will be. Welcome!

What is mumble? How do I get to this Open Space?

2. Statement from the Commission advocating for Peace and Active Nonviolence

3. Some tips for SAFE & PEACEFUL Rallies on May 2012:

4. Global May plans discussed at the International #HUB MEETING in Milan held on March 31st-April 1st. (Communication & Build up towards May, narrative and actions)


6. Barcelona Assembly’s Calling and Demands for May 12 and 15: an excerpt in English below:

  1. Not one more cent to bail out the banks. We demand a public debt audit, we will not pay the illegitimate debt created by those that provoked the crisis.

  2. Education and health of quality, both free and public. No more cuts to public spending, ban the privatization of public services.

  3. A fair distribution of work, a decent living wage and no precariousness. No retirement at 67 years and withdrawal of the labour reform.

  4. Guaranteed the Right to access decent housing. Retroactive Deed of Assignment. state-subsidized rental housing. Promotion of housing cooperatives.

  5. A tax reform that allows to fairly distribute the wealth that we all produce. Universal basic income guaranteed for all citizens.

7. Cycling to Athens updates of the trip here:

On friday we woke up around 6am in the morning because a few members of the local fishermen association arrived at their clubhouse, a sheltered spot where we had found on the porch for the night. Without much to say they reverted to their establishment (it looked almost like that’s their routine). As a result, at half past six we had already arrived to Mainz. They found everything closed on Good Friday but luckily found some vegetables and a bakery with coffee and delicious sandwiches. The tour continued along the Rhine and in the evening we found a nice spot on the fast flowing river just beyond Ludwigshafen (opposite Mannheim)…..”

If you want to take part of the support group for these brave indignados please join:

8. 12M15M Global Call/Manifiesto draft in Portuguese

Translation courtesy of our comrades from Democracia Real Brasil

Please keep helping with translations of the English version: and also with changes, amendments improvements to the text, thanks!

9. Greece – From Patras to Athens

European activists will march from Patras to Athens to show solidarity with the Greek people! Starting on 2nd May and arriving in Athens on May 11th 2012.

10. USA – Chicago 

May 12-13: The People’s Summit “A Better World is Possible”

The Coalition Against NATO/G8 War and Poverty Agenda (CANG8) and Occupy Chicago are organizing a democratic counter-summit in opposition to NATO and the G8. The event will host a wide range of workshop presenters to help educate our communities about war and poverty, mobilize for radical democracy, and present alternative visions of the future in a world without NATO/G8.

@OccupyChicago #Ochi #Apr7 #MAY1 #MAYDAY #May12 #May19 #ChicagoBound #ChicagoSpring #NATOG8

11. The United Kingdom

London added an event, the “Fun Day” on May 5th in collabotarion with‘s Climate Impacts Day ( and No Tar Sands Day (

You can sign up for the event here:

And/or here:

Besides, If you are in London join the Open Day for Occupy London starting at 6pm Tuesday 10 April at Friends Meeting House (173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ –

Get involved and make May the month the 1% will never forget!

Moreover, if you are not in London but you ant to get closer to the movement, come #MEETOCCUPY every Monday at 7pm GMT Come Chat via #MUMBLE

What is mumble? How do I connect?

12. UK – Manchester and the Mon$t£r Madn€$$ (Moster of Madess)

Occupy Manchester is planning an art event which will take place in

Piccadilly Gardens in the City from 2pm on #12M in solidarity with the Occupy movement around the World.

13. Germany


They just launched an invitation to networking meetings of the Berlin initiatives and organizations in preparation for the 12th Day of Action May

Saturday, 04.14.2012, 14:30 clock, House of Democracy and Human Rights,

Robert Havemann Hall, Greifswald Strasse 4, 10405 Berlin

14. Belgium


After the assemblies celebrated in the past weeks they came up with a plan: 1) meeting at 12:00 at North and Brussels Central stations for both stations Departure from both stations at 13:00 Merging of both groups in Barricadenplein 2) From Barricadenplein the big parade starts! 3) playful ACTION DURING THE PROTEST DEMONSTRATION: During the demonstration there a fun action has been planned… (still a secret to the ensure the success of the action)

15. Hungary


Real Democracy Now! – Members of Occupy Hungary are committed to build up towards a participatory democracy.

The 12th of May is our Occupy Global Day of Action. Activists in Hungary just opened a debate of common national goals, demands, and further discussions to develop action plans. They have started this series of open and direct democratic deliberations last saturday 7th.


Bucharest Very few countries are so prepared than Romania

they have a facebook profile:

A facebook event:

A blog

all dedicated to the Global Day apart from the Email: and Twitter: @12mai2012

and they have good reasons:

ACTA was not canceled but only postponed.
Chevron did not give up.
mining project in Rosia Montana has not been canceled.
Low copper was sold in secret.
We are led by a group of underworld but futile systematic alienation of all Romania’s resources to bring us to the stage of total dependence and submission to international powers aimed at the whole world falling to its knees.
Absolutely all institutions that are designed to organize our lives and provide us with vital living things on earth, are corrupt and dysfunctional.

17. Slovakia


The reason for every person coming to protest is only up to them, the organizers do not seek any benefit, the goal is common for us all: it consists on finally changing the system!

Slovakia joins the international protest, it will be held in Bratislava on SNP Square”

And they convince every one with a very wise quote:

Time is bad? It’s possible – but you’re here because you have to change it”. (Thomas Carlyle)

18. Argentina Latin America always present!!


Because on October 15th, 2011 was an unforgettable date, and around the world the streets were full, this May 12th we return to tell the 1% “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!“ of power abuse

La Plata

“There is strength in numbers”

United for life, United for water, United by our repulse to marginalization, United by our rights, linked by air, United by our respect to animals, United by forests, United by the fauna, joined by non-violence, United by the big NO to slavery, United by the NO to mining, United by the NO to agro industry, United by the NO to GMOs, herbicides, chemicals, hormones, United by a policy without flags that separate us, United by the NO to the soybean production, linked by a rejection to media manipulation, joined against multinationals, by a NO to the fight of classes, United by the NO to corruption, United by a Yes to sovereignty, United by a Yes to the community, United by a Yes to native peoples, YES to solidarity, YES to natural scientific development (not the crossed by this sick system). Yes to Permaculture, YES to communication, Yes to diversity, YES to right symbiosis with the environment (the planet), yes to love, YES empathy…YES TO THE REVOLUTION!

For more information about the Newsletter, how to contribute with it and to the worldwide plans for May’12 please email: or visit:


The Calendar of the #12M15M WG’s meetings and GA’s (Mumble)