Welcome to the #7BB in Berlin

Dear All,

Since the 7th Berlin Biennale is approaching, we would like to thank you for all the engagement and the energy you are putting into your presence and the installation in the Berlin Biennale. We also want to share with you once more some of our thoughts about it and the reasons why it is so important for us to collaborate with the Indignados and the Occupy Movement.
We’d like to confirm that your presence in KW Institute for Contemporary Art during the Berlin Biennale has nothing to do with the exhibition logic. You have your own space on the ground floor (main exhibition hall) and you can decide the use of it autonomously. We won’t try to influence your decisions. We will not give out any rules or instructions, which you have to follow.
We would like you to create your own conditions for your presence at the Berlin Biennale, and nobody from KW or the Berlin Biennale should influence or dictate something to you. You design and define the shape and use of your space. If there are demands sent to you, it means that these demands represent the interests of other people. In such a case we can treat them as a normal part of the social and political struggles which we confront every day, and we have to deal with them as such.
As a curatorial team we declare that you are independent and not obliged to follow the logic of the institution. You should do what you want to do. If we would like to work with you or try to convince you to do something, we should accept your rules and your working conditions. Please remember that you are free, even if we are not able to execute this freedom fully.
There is no wish from the curatorial team of the Berlin Biennale to use your space for our needs. If there are proposals from our side, you autonomously decide whether to accept them or not.
We believe that you are able to teach us an alternative way of dealing with social problems. We strongly sympathize with you, even if sometimes it’s not easy for us to follow your proposals. Our curatorial work is very often based on a different logic – one that involves hierarchy, group conflict, and daily struggle with each other. We believe that through your way of working you can make progress – on a human and political level.
So please let us say it again: your presence in KW in the ground floor exhibition space is not curated by us. While we fully identify with your actions, we deny ourselves the possibility to intervene in them in any way other than those accepted by your democratic practices. You are not an exhibition and you are not exhibited, but you can use what the exhibition context provides: our support, some funds, and a large number of Biennale visitors to advocate for your ideas and claims. You can practice your performative way of doing politics inside a social space, called a “gallery.”
Our only wish is to make this space obviously political, and that’s exactly what you do.
As you know, we are publishing a newspaper accompanying the exhibition, we will send you this text in the separate email, to share the reasons behind our invitation and giving over the space, time, and means to you for your independent, non-curated presence.
All the best,
Artur Żmijewski
Igor Stokfiszewski
Sandra Teitge
Joanna Warsza
7th Berlin Biennale